Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Every Woman Needs a Strand of Pearls

Pearls go with almost everything!

As this is Bridal Month, I've shown you some of my favorite Diamond Travel Jewelry which go with me to The Hamptons, Newport, West Palm Beach and beyond each summer. Well June is also Pearl Month. Here are some of my most versatile jewelry pieces as no woman's wardrobe is complete without a set of pearls.

Pearls are resilient, travel well and add elegance to nearly every outfit.

Wear Your Pearls: The thing about having real pearls is that you need to wear them. This is because like your skin, they need moisture. Leaving them in the jewelry case will cause them to dry out so put them on and wear them next to your skin! They will actually improve in luster and glow if worn regularly. I keep my favorite pearl pieces in sets which I often wear as an ensemble. Freshwater pearls come in various hues so I have a strand in deep blue which is absolutely stunning as you can see below.

Blue pearl necklace with HRH Crowned Prince Alexander, descendant of
Queen Victoria and cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Natural Pearls make great bridal, anniversary and graduation gifts and every woman needs them! The tradition of a bride wearing pearls goes back to Queen Elizabeth I who wore them on her wedding day as did her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II. Jackie Kennedy also worn a strand for her nuptials with JFK. Pearls were considered the "wedding gem" by ancient Greeks as they believed they would bring marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying. 
A quality strand of pearls will have a little knot in the silk between each pearl. This is in case your necklace breaks. The knots prevent all the pearls from rolling off thus allowing them to be easily retrieved and restrung.  Here are some of my favorite pearls that you could wear everyday and of course for special occasions.

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Bar Earrings by TraxNYC

Freshwater Pearl & Diamond Bar Earrings
These beautiful earrings hail from NYC's Diamond District on 47th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue (Avenue of The Americas), a place that I am very familiar with! Some of the finest jewelry in the world is not only sold but made in the heart of the Diamond District. TraxNYC is located there at 67 West 47th Street and offers gorgeous custom jewelry made to order. This is how my earrings arrived in this lovely presentation gift box. The platinum gold bars have diamonds in them and end in these luminous fresh water pearl drops. Visit them online at TraxNYC.com

Freshwater Pearl and Diamond Bar Earrings by TraxNY
Mother of Pearl Necklace by Zirconmania

Mother of Pearl Necklace
These are pearls made of Mother of Pearl Shell and have a similar luster to salt water pearls. This unique strand of white pearls has four diamond spacers and a lovely gold bow or knot paved with diamonds, (zirconite). The ball closure is also covered in diamonds so you can wear it two ways: with the bow in front or with the closure in front. Lovely yet unique and extremely well constructed. Visit them online at Zirconmania.com.

Mother of Pearl Necklace by Zirconmania

Pearl Bracelet
I've paired my Philip Stein Rose Gold and White Leather Bracelet with a set of warm pearls to complete the look. Unlike stacks of noisy bracelets, these pearls and leather accessories whisper "elegance". Once again, these are simple pieces you could wear every day to posh up your look.

Philip Stein Bracelet and Warm Pearls.
Complete ensemble of pearls worn in this photo shoot.

Rx Eye Wear from the JLo Collection. Sun Hat by Helen Kaminski of Australia
Pearl necklace and earrings c/o Zinconmania and TraxNY respectively. All other jewelry and accessories are my own.

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