Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Season in The Hamptons - Travel Diamonds & Bridal Jewelry

The historic east end of Long Island makes for a lovely destination wedding.
With June being our official "Bridal Season" and the time for so many destination weddings, anniversary parties and vacation plans, now is the time to pull together some stunning outfits and jewelry accessories.

Silk slip dress with beaded & velvet applique.
The silk slip dress in the photo above was worn to a wedding and the evening reception afterwards. I had a satin bolero jacket for the church service and took it off for the festivities which gave me two different looks. Another way to transform the same dress is to accessorize with jewelry. What I wore during the daytime church ceremony was much more understated. The reception, however is the time to shine as the low, soft lighting begs for the sparkle and luminosity of diamonds.

Little white church in The Hamptons.
Travel Jewelry That Looks Exquisite Anywhere
One of your most important outfit changing accessories is jewelry. If you are attending a destination wedding, (my own was such in Vero Beach, FL), you don't want to fly or travel with your heirloom pieces. I lost a gold and pearl clasp from my favorite strand of pearls in Chelsea, NYC. It was my favorite piece! Leave those treasures at home and opt for some gorgeous jewelry which are so much more beautiful than outdated "paste". Take a look at these pieces from Zirconmania:

"Diamond" necklace and earrings by Zirconmania
Cubic zirconium or man-made diamonds make for incredible travel jewelry. Why? Well, if your baggage is lost or stolen, you won't cry as you would for a more expensive piece. Above I am wearing a Couture Cluster All Around Zirconite Necklace with Matching Earrings by Zirconmania

Tiffany's Victoria Diamond Necklace and Couture Cluster Zirconite Necklace. Can you tell the difference?

Handcrafted and set in a style similar to necklaces found at Van Cleef & Arpels, 5th Avenue, and Tiffany & Co. (see photo above), these give you the look of real diamonds without the fret.

Wearing my real diamond rings with my CZ necklace & earrings. Who can tell?
One of the best things is that after checking in, I don't have to store my jewelry in the hotel safe. Everything stays with me and I don't obsess about traveling with these stunning pieces.

Diamonds are a way.
The next necklace I am loving to travel with is this Round Cut on Zirconite Cubic Zirconia by Diamond Veneers.  
These quality pieces are made in the USA and are perfect for women like you and me on the go. The definition of elegance is being at ease with one's adornments. You don't concern yourself with your jewelry. Just wear it and glow!

Necklace by Diamond Veneers. Crystal bracelet by Cate & Chloe.

Necklace by Diamond Veneers

Traveling With Your Jewelry
As you can see, some of these necklaces are very delicate and can tangle easily if stored in a velvet pouch. I keep all of my jewelry neatly in place with a MagBag Zippered Jewelry Case. It holds everything from my earrings to my bracelets and necklaces in place via magnets but is flat enough to stow in an overnight bag. Really makes it easy to keep everything organized and ready to go at a moment's notice.

MagBag Zippered Jewelry Case

So there you have it! Summer travel jewelry needn't be boring or plain. Quality, handmade pieces like these look just as exquisite as the "real thing" without the worry. I'll be continuing this series of "Season in The Hamptons" with more travel tips and tricks for your best vacation ever!

Enjoying my evening at The Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club

Photo shoot makeup by Kett Cosmetics - Lipcolor is Pure Color Envy in Fierce by Estee Lauder
Nail Lacquer is Carry On Blue by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Collection
Gold & Diamond Eco-Drive Watch by Citizen
Designer Silk Slip Dress purchased at Lord & Taylor

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