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Season in The Hamptons Summer Reading List

Top Summer Reads for your Season in The Hamptons. 

Long Island's Historic East End is full of scenic vineyards, pebbled beaches and historic sites. Did you know that the little Village of Sag Harbor was mentioned in Moby-Dick by Herman Melville? (Call me Ishmael!) Here is an excerpt: 

"Arrived at last in old Sag Harbor; and seeing what the sailors did there; and then going on to Nantucket, and seeing how they spent their wages in that place also, poor Queequeg gave it up for lost. Thought he, it's a wicked world in all meridians; I'll die a pagan." Moby-Dick 1851

Fifty Small Things on exhibit at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum. PHOTO by Richard Doctorow

There is a whaling museum there on the corner of Main and Garden Streets offering examples of the lifestyle which supported the village up until the 1900's. You'll want to visit The Sag Harbor Whaling Museum (even as then President Clinton did in 1998) especially if you are in the Bridgehampton business district. So here are some of my favorite picks for your summer reading in The Hamptons and beyond:

Season in The Hamptons: (L) The beach at Bridgehampton Tennis & Surf Club, (R) Montauk Point home.

These Hamptons by Phillip Andrew Lehans, Schiffer Publishing
This is a beautiful coffee table book that celebrates Long Island's historic east end with all its diversity. Lehan's work has appeared in Vanity Fair, Hamptons Magazine and American Photo to name a few. I have stayed at most of the places included in the book including Sag Harbor, Montauk Point, Bridgehampton, East Hampton and Amagansett. Just released in May 2016, available on Amazon.

These Hamptons by Lehans.

Hidden History of Maritime New Jersey by Captain Stephen D. Nagiewicz
Charting the history of the 127 mile long New Jersey Shore, this book includes little known shipwrecks, unique marine life and regional ports of call. I've personally sailed around Sandy Hook in the sloop, The Clearwater which is a floating maritime classroom. This book includes photos of old sail and merchant ships as well as ocean and river dives. There are over three thousand shipwrecks which lie just off the coast of New Jersey and this book gives insight to what has been discovered. Released April 2016, you can find it here on Amazon.

SAIL Magazine 
This magazine is more focused on sailboats and other watercraft for racing and pleasure cruises. Lots of glossy photos of gorgeous boats and up close cabin shots makes you feel like you are on the high seas. Published by AIM Marine Group, pick up a copy at your local news stand. 

Magazines and Books to help you set sail.

Wine for Every Day & Every Occasion + Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine Companion
These two books together offer a wonderful overview starting with Wine For Every Day and Every Occasion by Dorothy J. Gaiter & John Brecher. The authors are editors of the Wall Street Journal's "TASTINGS" Column. Duck Walk Vineyards located right on Rt. 27, (Montauk Hwy) is a lovely spot to visit and taste your way through some of the region's top wines. Available online at Amazon.

Take Michael Broadbent's Vintage Wine Companion with you as it's pocket sized. Also pack along Isn't Life Grape...Wine is Life Wine Tasting Journal to record notes on the vintages you taste. 

Taking a Hamptons Vineyard Tour? Take these along!

Bridal Season Reads
Vineyards and The Hamptons in general make for very desirable wedding destinations. You can get some inspiration from:

Weddings in Color by Broussard & Cho
This book has over 500 of do it yourself ideas on how to interject color into your wedding. Everything from favors to every other bridal accoutrement is included in great detail. Vane Broussard is founder of Brooklyn Bride and full of ideas on how to put together a super, totally personalized modern wedding. Available online at Amazon.

At The Kings Table, Royal Dining Through the Ages by Susanne Groom
This book has many painted plates showing the origins of how and why we dine the way we do. The King's table set the tone for other classes in entertaining and dining. Not a new release but still available on Amazon.

Wedding Season Inspiration

This is such a useful book on Aromatherapy, especially when coupled with the Zen Oil Box Subscription to help you build a working essential oil collection. Just released, it has everything from increasing well-being to boosting immunity without over use of antibiotics. Easy to make health and beauty formulations are included to get you started. Available on Amazon.

A great read for those wishing to get started in Aromatherapy.

The Ultimate Bicycle Owner's Manual by Eben Weiss
Written by the inimitable "Bike Snob" whose column appears monthly in Bicycling Magazine, this book gives you all you need to know about choosing, purchasing and maintaining a bicycle. Aptly describes the many styles of bike, cycling helmets, riding gear and accessories you'll want to get rolling. Even veteran riders like myself can find helpful information on cycling safely. Published by Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, New York. Just released in May 2016 and available on Amazon.

Sound advice from Bike Snob.

Painterly Days Watercoloring Book for Adults by Kristy Rice
A lovely gift idea for Bridal Season, this over-sized coloring book is made with special paper to accommodate the use of water color paints. I purchased a Royal & Langnickel Watercolor Field Kit which is a keep and carry set. That way I can take my paints and coloring book with me on vacation. Just released this March by Schiffer Publishing.

Watercoloring Book for Adults.

New Jersey Birds and Beyond by Photographer Susan Puder
I often ride the train into NYC and travel the along the eastern corridor which passes through the wetlands. There are so many beautiful birds in the estuaries and inlets all along the way into the city. This coffee table book offers full color photos of waterfowl, migratory and land birds found in New Jersey and other Mid-Atlantic states. You will become an expert at recognizing birds of this region in all their various habitats. Not a new Schiffer release but can still be found at your local library or online at Amazon.

Beautiful and diverse, birds of New Jersey.

Galileo's Daughter by Dava Sobel
This is one of my favorites as it weaves history with the intimate correspondence from one of the world's greatest scientists, Galileo, Galilei. Staged in 1603, Galileo wrote to his daughter, (Suor Maria Celeste), who lived under a vow of extreme poverty in a convent at San Matteo. An older publication, it is still in print and available online at Amazon.

An insightful read into the heart and mind of Galileo.
FEED Project's Feed Bag Book Tote. "Hampton" Sun Hat by Pistil Designs.

Book Tote by where each purchase goes towards helping to feed hungry children both locally and abroad.

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Disclaimer: Amazon links included herewith are affiliate links for which I earn a small commission. The books on this list however are my own personal choices, some from my private library.

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