Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Skincare to Cleanse, Detox and Boost Immunity

Spring Fling II - natural ways to cleanse and detoxify your skin.
Spring is in the air! Unfortunately so are allergens, pollutants and dirt. All the more so when we are outdoors more exercising, running and walking. Sweat and natural skin oils can cause dust and debris to cling and clog pores. Here are some new, cutting edge skincare options to detox and purify.

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Botox or No Tox? Biotulin Injection Free Alternatives

Biotulin offers an injection free alternative to Botox.
This is the first in the Spring Fling Series of new, natural and lighter skincare products for the coming 2017 season. I can remember when Botox Parties were all the rage going on in select NYC apartments and lofts. What were they thinking? Horror stories of injections gone bad quickly appeared thereafter but was there any surprise? I know my dermatologist also began offering aesthetic procedures at his office such as facial peels in addition to cosmetic surgery because there was a demand for something a little extra. If you are not quite ready to go under the knife (or needle), keep reading!

Dermaroller with 0.5 mm Micro Needles

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Yay - Exquisite Gifts & Treats

Yay for Valentine's Day!  Goodies to give share or enjoy for yourself.
Valentine's Day is to be enjoyed with someone special or just on your own. Here are some lovely "out of the box" treats to give him and to get for yourself.

Beard Guyz, Van der Hagen
For Him - Doop Kit Essentials
Trending now are metro-sexual grooming aids for the guys. Think "Art of the Shave". Beard Guyz are up and coming with retro shave sets such as this Badger Hair Brush and highly polished Stainess Steel Safety Razor by Van der Hagen. Set comes with a Soap Cup and Shaving Soap shown below. Old school elegance! Visit

Badger Hair Brush & Safety Razor Doop Kit by Van der Hagen

Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 NEW Things That Will Make Your Life AMAZING in 2017

What's IN for 2017?

2017 is going to be a GREAT year, yes indeed! Always looking to improve, I've gathered a few new tools and gadgets which I've ferreted out for you. Each item, great or small is personally tested and fully tried so you get the honest to goodness truth. So here are 10 things that will help put you on the path to an incredible 2017:

Koffiestraw + thermal insulated Klean Kanteen
1.) Koffiestraw + Insulated Reusable Drink Containers
If you really want to keep your teeth white while knocking back those caramel lattes (or an occasional glass of wine), you should check out Koffiestraw. Made of easy to clean, inert silicone, these lightweight little straws go everywhere and will even fit in your favorite Starbucks cap. These nifty little straws keep staining liquids off the front of your teeth and can be used at home or at the coffee shop.  Check them out at

One of my reusable thermal containers.
I say go one better and invest in a refillable, reusable thermos. Many coffee shops will give you a little discount when you bring your own for a "refill" which is what I do with my Klean Kanteen. There are other brands and sometimes the barista shop will carry their own. Save a cup, save the environment!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Fashions with Michael Kors, Musse & Cloud and Ruby Ribbon

Polished holiday styles for shopping, parties and dinners!
Christmas is just around the corner and you'll want to look great shopping, traveling to family gatherings and going out. Sometimes all three in one day! So it's important to be comfortable while doing it. I've chosen some of my favorite kicks, bags and an outfit that will throw them a few curves at the same time.

Ruby Ribbon Jane Top in Heather and Fit and Flair Skirt in Black
Ruby Ribbon separates are incredibly comfortable to wear while acting as stealthy shape wear under it all. That's because the pieces have built in control panels just where you need them. 
The Jane Top has strategic layers with silicone grips along the hem to keep it down which unlike other shape wear, really stays put. I wore it out as you can see above and tucked in as seen below. No matter, it stayed put!

Jane Top tucked inside the skirt for a different look

Friday, December 9, 2016

Best Picks Magazine's Posh Holiday Gift Guide

Elegant Gifts for everyone on your list this year!
As Christmas & Hanukkah draw near, we not only want to find the perfect gift but be remembered for what we gave. In fact what we choose to give speaks volumes about us as well. So here are my top picks of some of the most posh gifts for those very fortunate, fabu people on your list this year:

Gifts that DeStress

Aromatherapy Gift Set
Aromatherapy Gift Box by Sublime Beauty is a lovely compliment to their Zen Oil Box Monthly Subscription which is another great gift idea. UPDATE: The Zen Oil Box goes BiMonthly or 6 deliveries per year in 2017! Really you get the best of the best in your choice of three different content gift boxes. Chock full of Aromatherapy goodies for your bath plus jewelry and accessories to help you take your essential oils along on vacation or to use everyday. Comes gift boxed as you see in the photo above so you could have it shipped direct to your giftee. Lovely from

Ritual of Dao Set
Ritual of Dao offers layers of relaxing natural fragrance via their Ritual of Light bath scrub, body cream and luscious candles. Beautifully packaged and organically scented, these make the perfect gift for the frazzled among us. Visit them at Ritual of Dao

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Foodie Alert: The Ultimate Food Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

The BEST Gifts for the Foodies on your list!
Here is the ultimate Christmas List for the Foodie, Food Lover or Chef this season. These are the best of the best goodies for cooking, entertaining or presenting as host gifts for those with discriminating tastes (like you)! So here are my favorite finds for an unforgettable Gourmet Gift plus a few ideas for putting together a personalized Holiday Gift Basket.

Monthly Food Delivery Subscriptions and Food Gift Certificates
A monthly subscription from a place like ButcherBox or a gift certificate from NYC's Fulton Fish Market means the recipient will get premium grass fed, free range meats and fresh seafood delivered to their door year round. These services were once only available to professional chefs but now ship to anyone. I posted some wonderful menu ideas for these food delivery services HERE. Visit them online at and

Add a few grilling accessories like these from Charcoal Companion.

Fulton Fish Market's Halibut in Parchment. Convection Microwave & Grill by Cuisinart