Thursday, February 16, 2012

Misto Refillable Oil Sprayer vs Pam

Skip the Pam Non-Stick Spray with a Misto Oil Sprayer.
This Can Get Sticky
One of my pet peeves in cooking is purchasing can after can of non-stick spray.  Just about all cooks use them but I would need to get at least three different flavors to cover all of my baking / sauteing needs.  You know, Butter flavored for baking, Olive Oil for Italian dishes, Canola Oil for everything else.
Even worse is the unavailability of organic olive oil choices.  I can purchase organic olive oil in bulk at Sam's Club which I do and per quart is is way more economical than buying these little spray cans.  Then there are the propellant fumes and alcohol smell.  Not something I liked adding to my meals.

I received a fabulous set of Rinaldo's Organic Garlic Gold Oil products for Christmas.  Rinaldo makes gourmet garlic specialty products so just imagine a garlic lover's dreamland!  With organic garlic olive oil this good, you want to savor it.  Primarily it is better to finish a dish with a light spray of extra virgin olive oil rather than cook with it.  The cooking heat pretty much destroys the flavorful bloom of the extra virgin so it is best added last or spritzed on.

Misto Mister
You can find oil misters in most specialty cooking stores like Sur la TabThe one that I purchased is by Misto but other brands pretty much offer the same operation.  You twist off the top and add your oil to the sprayer.  Once it is in place you use the top with its attached plunger to add air to the canister.  There's no chemical propellent involved, only pure air.  Pump it to the desired pressure and your oil will spray easily and evenly.  The Misto's instructions say to release the pressure by unscrewing the cap when not in use.  I've left it pumped and pressurized with no problems.

The best thing is that I get to choose the types of oils I want and there are no added fumes, chemicals or propellants. How does it work?  Fantastic.  Just as effective as the non-stick aerosol sprays.  Since the Misto is refillable, there are no more empty Pam cans ending up in a landfill somewhere.  Perfect.

I use the Misto Oil Sprayer in place of Pam for all my baking, cooking & grilling needs.

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