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Top Hot Styling Tools for Cool Hair - John Frieda, Revlon and Theorie

Top NEW Hair-styling Tools for the looks you want this fall.
The cooler, crisper days of fall are headed our way. This means less humidity which usually makes for better hair days but can also dry out your locks. What do you do? 

In order to have healthy, shiny hair this fall, take my advice and invest in the newer hair styling tools which offer ionic conditioning and precise, digital heat control. Somewhere around 325-350 degrees is plenty hot enough to style your hair without damaging it. Also make use of extra rich conditioners especially formulated for increasing moisture. My favorite? Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner. Also prior to using your heat styling tools, spritz on a good heat shield or protector. I like Theorie's Heat Shield Thermal Spray and Philip B's Thermal Protection Spray. Both are infused with botanicals and silk amino acids. The Theorie Heat Shield especially offers a beautiful shine and blocks humidity for up to 24 hrs.

So that's the basics. Here are the new hair-styling tools you need to check out:

Revlon Pro Collection One-Step Paddle Brush Dryer

Revlon's NEW Paddle Brush Dryer for Instant Blowouts
This is a game changer. You can actually blow out your hair with ONE HAND with this dryer. At first, I didn't think the flat paddle shape would effect a blow out very well. I was expecting something more like the large round brushes my stylist uses with the blow dryer. The One Step Paddle Brush Dryer has three settings on a dial: Cool, Low and High. It is very smooth and easy to use without pulling your hair. In fact the design allows it to contour to your head and reach easily in the back. The Ionic Technology means a sleeker, shinier finish.

The perfect blow out starts by getting lift at the roots.

Best Way to Use The Revlon Paddle Brush Dryer:
After shampooing I like to let my hair air-dry. Try wrapping your hair in a cotton tee shirt or silk scarf.  Next I add Nexxus Pro-Mend Split End Binding leave in treatment to the ends of my hair. Lastly, I apply my Thermal Spray of choice. To get the lift at the roots as your stylist would with a blow dryer and round brush, flip your hair upside down and start at the roots. Begin at the nape of the neck with your hair inverted. This will allow the hair the lift and movement you want. The Paddle Brush Dryer works very quickly and I only had it on LOW. Does a beautiful job of blowing the hair smooth so you are ready for the next styling step. If your hands are small like mine, you may have a little trouble with the large round brush handle. However, it is no big deal and I was able to to maneuver it just fine by choking up towards the brush head a little. Very reasonably priced, the One Step Paddle Brush Dryer retails for under $50. Check it out online at

John Frieda Volume Curls 1 1/2 Barrel
John Frieda Volume Curls with Digital Thermal Control
This is the closest sized curling iron to the one my stylist at Christo 5th Avenue uses on my hair. The John Frieda iron is ultra-smooth with a true titanium-ceramic finish. It has 11 heat settings, visible digitally in the unit's display. It heats up from 290 to 400 degrees in only 30 seconds and maintains your selected temperature for consistent results. This is really one of the best curling irons for home use. The only minor gripe that I have is that the ON/OFF and temperature control is on the handle as shown by the long purple bar. If you are not careful. you can unknowingly change your heat settings by gripping the handle too hard. You just need to keep an eye on it but even so you will get professional results with a curling iron like this. Available at Ulta and other fine retailers or visit online.

John Frieda's Volume Curls with a Titanium-Ceramic finish.
A Note About Heat Protectors
Please don't go too heavy with the leave in sprays and heat protecting conditioners. They can weigh your hair down and leave it greasy looking. The curls also won't last because of too much product. Below you can see my hair after being professionally styled with a similar sized, 1 1/2 inch curling iron at Christo 5th Avenue.

My hairstylist, Marianna of Christo 5th Avenue.

Theorie's Saga II Classic Flat Iron 1 inch
I reviewed both this flat iron and Theorie's Heat Shield Thermal Spray this past summer which you may read HERE.
This is a very high quality, polished floating titanium/ceramic plate flat iron. What I like is the digital LCD display thermostat and the ability to choose a setting which best fits your hair thickness and styling objectives. It is a beautiful unit and comes with a thermal travel sleeve and luxe hard leather carrying/storage case. Even the cord is heat resistant! Temperature ranges from 310-450 degrees F.

The Saga II Classic Flat Iron by Theorie

The plates on the Saga II are highly polished and rounded to avoid snagging. This is one of the sleekest, smoothest flat irons I've ever used. Very well constructed. See it at

Long Hair, Don't Care?  Some Additional Hair Raising Thoughts
If you are trying to grow your hair longer and healthier, I have a few additional tips. Keep heat styling at a minimum and always replace lost moisture by deep conditioning at least once a month. Nourish your hair from within by getting enough Biotin in your diet as well as these other essentials nutrients:

Neocell makes both Collagen and Biotin Bursts

Lean Red Meat - is rich in both protein and iron. Deficiencies in either can stunt hair growth.

Biotin Rich Foods - include eggs, peanuts, almonds, salmon, cheese and avocados. A lack of biotin can cause brittle hair. One of my favorite supplements are Biotin Bursts by NeoCell. One Chew a day and you'll notice healthier hair, skin and nails.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids - are found in high fat fish like salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel. Omega 3's are also found in walnuts and flax seeds. In fact Rainbow Light makes Everyone's Omega with Fish & Flax. One liquid filled capsule per day is almost like having two fish servings per week. Personally, I'd rather eat the fish but if this is not your thing, I would consider supplementing.

My prized Mason Pearson Boar Bristle brush from London England

Why Lady Diana Carried a Mason Pearson Brush in Her Purse
One of the beauty secrets handed down from my grandmother's vanity table is a Boar Bristle Brush. The ones made by Mason Pearson are bar non, some of the best brushes in the world.  It is a cushion brush which allows it to contour perfectly to any shape head. The natural bristles evenly distribute sebum from your scalp to the ends of your hair. The bristles also help keep your scalp and strands clean. These last for years as a hair brush like this is heirloom quality. So Lady Di was said to take along a Mason Pearson hairbrush in her purse every time she stepped out in public. Her hair was beautiful so now you know one of her secrets.

Hair Styling Tools & Products c/o the participating companies included herewith.

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