Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trick or Treats That Are Beyond Sweet from Disney, The Pure Bar and Good Earth

Goodies that are beyond good!
Halloween often has us buying bags of candy for the children that WE end up eating before they even arrive. This year, try a preemptive strike and stock your cupboard with healthy treats made from real fruits and vegetables. Also treat yourself to a new Make Up Bag from Soho's new collection featuring Disney's evil queens. Lastly I have some pumpkin spicy perfume that will have you thinking "pumpkin pie"!  Here we go:

Pure Organic Bars and Vegan Perfect Bars
Treat yourself and your Halloween guests to these delicious, natural bars made from whole grains and healthy ingredients. I really enjoyed the peanut butter Perfect Bar which screamed "nuttiness" when I opened the wrapper. These are kept chilled in the refrigerator while the Pure Organic Bars are more of a fruit / vegetable leather texture. Both bars are beyond excellent with wholesome, organic ingredients. These are available at Wegman's and Sam's Club - both places where I like to shop. Check them out online at and

See all the yummy yet healthy varieties at and

Soho Beauty Cosmetic Bags and Disney's Evil Queens
Show up at a Halloween Party toting one of these "bad girls" and people will know you mean business! Fully lined make up bags with some of Disney's most notorious queens: Snow White and Malificient
See them in Walgreens or check out all the styles at
Soho Beauty's Evil Disney Queen Collection

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Perfume
If you want to wear a fragrance that seriously smells like pumpkin pie right out of the oven, try this!

M.O.D. Perfume is naturally made.
Good Earth's Spiced Pumpkin Artisanal Fragrance
I would recommend having some pumpkin pie around because you (and others) will definitely want a slice after getting a whiff of this. Made from all natural, organic ingredients like pure olive and jojoba oils and essential oils, it is lovely to roll on the skin. 

Good Earth's Natural Spiced Pumpkin Perfume

Tricked Out Treats for Halloween!

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