Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bombshell Buffed Beach Body - Model Tricks

Model Tricks for smooth, toned and (faux) tanned skin!
Summer is in full swing and you may be thinking about that trip to the beach or a pool party invite. We all need a little extra "buffing up" so are a few tips and tricks from Victoria's Secret runway and swimwear models who have to look good for a living. You heard it here first:

Skin Prep-Exfoliate First
If you routinely practice Dry Skin Brushing, something I've recommended many times here, your skin may not need very much exfoliation. You can skip this section and move on to your cellulite cream application. If not, try a fine scrub with something like aluminum oxide crystals. Bioelixia Exfoliating Body Polish is a good one but there are others. You can also use a Clarisonic with a Body Brush Extension Handle. What you want is everything smoothed down so that the cellulite treatments and self tanners will take evenly.

Scrubs and or a Clarisonic offer excellent exfoliation 
Try Dry Body Brushing
Using a dry, natural bristled brush, start with the soles of your feet and move up with strokes towards the heart. This is like an external lymphatic massage and is very helpful in removing toxins and increasing circulation. Be sure to include the area of your arm pits and bikini line. Your skin will glow with a healthy pinkness! Jump in the shower to rinse away any excess skin cells you've brushed off. Now anything you apply on your skin will absorb evenly and completely.

Sublime Beauty Cellulite Whisperer - Crystal Springs Resort & Spa

Sublime Beauty Cellulite Whisperer Gel and Cream
The next step after your Dry Body Brushing and shower is to apply a really effective cellulite gel or cream. Even if you do not have cellulite, a product like this can help smooth the skin and add to a sleek body. Now I've tried nearly every cellulite cream out there from Lancome to Embryolisse to ones used exclusively at spas. None have them have even come close to the tightening and smoothing I've gotten from dry brushing PLUS using Sublime Beauty Cellulite Whisperer products. The Gel and Cream are made with mostly organic herbs, green tea, vitamins and minerals. They also contain the key ingredient in all good cellulite creams, CAFFEINE. First I apply the Cellulite Whisperer Gel and let it absorb. Next I apply the cream and I'm done.

My legs poolside in West Palm Beach
Get That Polished Look
Once your legs (arms too) have been treated with Cellulite Whisperer, you can add your self tanners, shimmers and leg oils. Kate Moss swears by a dry oil by St. Tropez and others rave over Brazil Nut Oil but you can do better with applying some Australian Gold Spray Gel with Instant Bronzer. The Australian Gold contains sunscreen and Tea Tree Oil to help protect your skin from sun damage. Top that off with a bit of Pure Certified Organic Sesame Oil which can also be combed through your hair before hitting the beach or pool. 

Runway Secret: Add a little gold shimmer highlighter down the center of your legs before going out for the evening for extra drama! It will make you legs look extra glossy and slimmer.

Pure Certified Organic Sesame Oil for skin and hair

Do a 3 Day Juice Cleanse
This is something you can do over the weekend because there is a lot of water involved so you might want to stay home. I like Chef V's Green Drink and if you live in the greater NYC/Metro area like me, you can have it delivered fresh to your door. This is a way to get rid of toxins which are the result of eating fast food and processed treats. I eat very clean but like to do a 1 day juice fast once a month. You can find similar Green Drinks at Wegman's and Whole Food Markets or just blend up your own at home using raw kale, spinach and beet tops. Chef V includes a delicious summer squash or sweet potato soup in with your Green Drink Cleanse. So delicious and you'll fit into that bikini in no time. 

NYC's Chef V Green Drink
Summer Haircare & Style Secrets
If you are going to the beach or pool, be sure to add a little protecting oil or cream to your hair. Comb it through and pull it up in a bun and pop on a swim cap if you are going in the water. If you are going to be near the water but not necessarily doing swan dives, you can lightly flat iron your hair with Theorie's Heat Shield Thermal Spray. It adds a super high gloss while protecting your hair from the flat or curling irons. It also blocks humidity for up to 24 hours which should keep the frizz away until you get home.

Theorie Saga II Classic Flat Iron
Speaking of flat irons, Theorie's Saga II Classic is so luxurious. State of the art Titanium floating plates have rounded edges for snag free styling. It heats up in seconds with LED temperature settings from 310 - 450 degrees. Far infrared technology helps hair retain moisture for a silky-smooth finish. Get the Heat Spray and Flat Iron both at YourTheorie.com

Theorie's Saga II Classic Flat Iron and Heat Spray

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