Monday, June 2, 2014

NEW BB Creams & Concealors for Summer

Glow-Lite! Top NEW cosmetics for summer.

Well the seasons have definitely changed so if you haven't already, now's the time to think about lightening up on your makeup. Summer heat and humidity also often means: a slick, greasy face, makeup that does a disappearing act by 2pm and coverage that just doesn't stay put. Here are a few new skin enhancing cosmetic products that I've tried and use for appointments, photo shoots and much more:

Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer
Sarah McNamara NYC
Miracle Skin Transformer I really like this NEW multifunctional concealer. It is somewhere between Glamoflage and Kat Von D's concealers but much lighter while giving about the same amount of coverage. I had just gone through a pretty bad acne breakout when the Miracle Skin Transformer arrived. I used it to cover my bumps as I had a public appearance but by the end of the day they were nearly gone. So it did both Treat & Conceal! It contains marine collagen, white rose and chamomile.  I applied this concealer (Medium) with a goat hair Esum G47 Brush because it is very fluffy and prevents caking. Comes in 4 shades and blends like butter. Visit online.

Gerard Cosmetics BB + Illumination
Gerard Cosmetics, CA
BB+Plus Illumination is a NEW creme for use either over or under foundation. The finish is absolutely gorgeous and if you like NARS Orgasm Illuminator, I think you LOVE BB+. NARS Orgasm is more on the peachy side where the BB+Plus is more rose-gold in tone. A little goes a long way and the product stays put without transferring all over the place.  I would use it like the NARS however as a highlighter as using it all over your face in the daytime might be too much. Night time is another matter! Visit online.

Embryolisse Artist Secret BB Cream
Embryolisse, Paris France
Artist Secret BB Cream You may know that I'm already a fan of all things Embryolisse, especially their moisturizers but a lot of people may not be aware that they also make a wonderful BB Cream. Artist Secret Complexion Illuminating Veil goes on very light and works for all skin types. It is very creamy without being oily as it contains hyaluronic acid, (great for moisture), vitamin E and mineral powders. I'm wearing it and their foundation in the photo above and it's amazing. Has a SPF of 20 which is always good. Comes in 2 shades. Visit online.

BB Cream & Concealer c/o Gerard Cosmetics & Sarah McNamara respectively.

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