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Father's Day Gift Ideas - Crabtree & Evelyn - London

Father's Day Gift Ideas with a little spice!
Father's Day this June 15th is the day when we celebrate Dads everywhere...and for good reason. Who taught you to ride a bike? Dad. Who could push you higher on the swing than anybody? Pops! There ought to be awards given just for that but if you were blessed enough to have a good one, don't spare the applause.

The Shaving Rituals of Men
I remember watching my father shave in our 200 year old Victorian bathroom. Shaving is very unique and special to men because unlike us women who can hide hairy legs behind a pair of pants, men have to literally face the world. Queen Victoria wrote of her fascination of watching Prince Albert shaving in the morning. It delighted her! Once they have gotten through the business of the shave, they then add the finishing touch of some very fragrant after-shave. Now some tend to go a bit over-board with the cologne but there is nothing sweeter to wake up to than the scent of my husband's shaving potions after he's left the bathroom.

C & E Moroccan Myrrh Shave Soap
Crabtree & Evelyn Moroccan Myrrh Shave Soap in a Bowl
Elegant yet handsomely rugged, C & E's Moroccan Myrrh Shave Soap comes in its own carved wooden bowl with a lid. Perfect for storage between uses with a badger bristle brush. Really, the ultimate in luxury it contains: myrrh, cardamon and bergamot accords. All of these botanicals are naturally fragrant and healing. You may wish to try it for yourself but this is a decidedly masculine shave soap. Wait for him to use up the soap and then snatch the wooden lidded bowl! 

C & E Indian Sandalwood Aftershave Balm
C & E Indian Sandalwood Aftershave Balm
Men are getting pretty savvy about caring for their skin. There is a whole emerging line of moisturizers and skincare products targeted at the stronger sex. What can I say? Guys want to look good and most have caught on that splashing your face with drying-stinging alcohol may not be the way to go. C & E's Indian Sandalwood Aftershave Balm is loaded with soothing oils and herbs like cypress and of course sandalwood. It has a pleasant but medicinal quality with its fresh and spicy tones. This alcohol free formula soothes, protects and moisturizes freshly shaven skin.

C & E West Indian Lime Traveler
C & E West Indian Lime Travel Set
Nothing says summer and surf quite like West Indian Lime! Better still is that this set has all the traveling Dad's shaving essentials in an easy to transport size. Perfect in his dopp bag for the plane it has four West Indian Lime favorites for a smooth shave and refreshingly scented skin afterwards. A really good way to try out the line as well. Comes in a zesty lime green box, ready to travel.

Shave products and fragrances c/o Crabtree & Evelyn


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