Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Charged Up Cycle Chic

Charged Up for Bike Month with Urban Chic E-Bikes!

Crystal Springs Resort, Hamburg NJ  May is Bike Month and last week was Bike to Work Week. If you haven't heard, e-Bikes are the hottest thing going! The Charged Up Media Event was THE place to test drive power assisted and full powered electric bikes.

Work or play, cycle wear for everywhere!

Bike Commuting Made Easier
If you've been a bit shy about the thought of taking your bicycle to work or a long touring ride, an e-Bike might be a potential solution. There is less of a chance of getting all sweaty and hot with a little power to your pedal. Add a few very stylish pieces you can wear on and off your ride along with bicycle luggage and portable rear rack bags.

Echelon Skort by Terry Large Black Carry All by Give Love Cycle

What's in My Bicycle Bag? Here's what I have on board for every ride: Minemergency Pouch with Topricin, L'Occitane Almond Milk Handcream, pH Lighted Lip Gloss, 30 SPF Coconut Oil Sunblock, GM Collin Eye Serum, Visine, Energems, Probar Fuel, Water Bottle and Deodorant Swipes.

Pack your Bags!

Pedal Assist(ant)
I got the chance to test ride the BionX which is a pedal assist e-Bike system. What's cool is that you can install it on your favorite bicycle as there are different models to choose from. Even better is that since it is a power assist, you still have to pedal so you get a bit of a workout. The model I tried (on the Ohm) charges fully in only 4 hours and will run for nearly 40-50 miles after being powered up. BionX e-bike systems offer Generate Mode and Re-Gen braking which will help recharge the battery as you're going downhill. Its natural pedaling feel is perhaps the closest to riding a regular bicycle.  You're just not as worn out when you arrive at your destination!

E-Bikes, the Wave of the Future?
I definitely think so. For just pennies in electricity, you can bicycle farther and for extended periods of time. Steep hills are no longer a problem as I even tried The Mariner by ProdecoTech which is a cute little full powered folding bicycle.  Weighing only 45 lbs it tops out at 18 mph and gives you 25-35 miles of riding per charge. Full powered means no pedaling needed. Fold it, pack it and take it with you on your next vacation.

The Mariner Folding E-Bike by ProdecoTech
Ready to Get Charged Up?
You may need to check the local laws in your area as e-bikes are somewhat new on the scene. Still, they can make a world of difference in your riding experience and even become your "second car". You can go further, faster and haul more weight by simply slapping on a set of panniers. These innovations really take the limitations off of bicycling and is something I will be looking into more this summer.

Bags & Cycle Wear c/o Give Love Cycle and Terry Bicycles respectively.

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