Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Sea Stars by Diana Kauffman Jewelry Designs - Club Monaco

Beautiful statement pieces by Diana Kauffman Jewelry Designs

Mother's Day should remind you that beach season is just around the corner. This year, why not treat Mom (or yourself) to beautiful handcrafted jewelry that can be worn with a beach caftan or your favorite bikini?

Sea Star Earrings 2 with beautiful antique copper French Hooks
These earrings are gorgeous and perfect for a trip to the spa or a tropical resort. Handmade in the USA, these beautiful statement pieces are a gracious compliment to: sun dresses, beach wear, resort fashions, vacation honeymoons.

Sea Star Earrings 2
Strands of genuine leather in turquoise shades wave with artisan-made ceramic beads dangle from antique copper ear wires. See them online at DianaKauffmanDesigns.com

Sea Star Signature Necklace
This necklace compliments the Sea Star Earrings so beautifully, you'll look like that Saint Tropez model wearing them together! I really like the organic look of the necklace which showcases little sea treasures of a copper starfish and silver scallop shell. Absolutely stunning on tanned skin.

Sea Star Signature Necklace
Handmade Greek ceramic beads anchor this necklace made from SilverSilk; a non-tarnish, permanently enameled gunmetal wire knitted around a hematite bead chain. Embellished with copper starfish and silver clamshell.  Approx. length: 32”

Club Monaco Quartz Necklace
Another of my beachy favorites is the long green quartz necklace from Club Monaco, 5th Ave. My brother and I were shopping and we saw this piece and went "Wow". I've come to find out that such
quartz necklaces were worn as a sign of power and prestige in the British Isles centuries ago.

Club Monaco 5th Avenue Sea Foam Green Quartz Necklace
French Cloisonne Glass Perfume Holder
This is another of my favorite jewelry pieces for the shore. Inside the little winged creature is a large glass vial for your favorite perfume or fragrance oil. I prefer to use an anointing oil inside as it is thicker than perfume and less likely to spill out. There is a metal rod applicator inside the top and the necklace is silver.
French Cloisonne glass perfume holder

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  1. I think that is a very nice gift idea. With summer right around the corner and with mother’s day very near, I think it is an appropriate gift to give our moms. Wouldn't necklaces and accessories like that match their beach wear? I think a birthstone necklace would also be a great idea. :)

    Dann Hires @ MCCartys Jewelry