Thursday, July 25, 2013

Office Bored-Room to Picnic Lunch

Horny Toad Skort in Lapis easily goes from the office to lunch or an early dinner date!
Central Park, NYC: Did you know that July is National Picnic Month? Summer is quickly flying by so it's time to put a little more "vacation" in your day. Just because you're stuck in the office doesn't mean you can't plan a lunchtime get-away in the park. If you are staying close to home or doing a "staycation" this summer, how about a bicycle picnic?  Here's how to do both in style:

Lunchtime Get-Away
Dress in something easy and breezy for your day at the office. I like Craghopper's Nosilife Gabriella Dress which has built in sun and insect protection. You will look fantastic but won't be annoyed when the mosquitoes, flies and ants come while you're having lunch al fresco!

Craghoppers Nosilife Gabriella Dress is perfect for a lunchtime get-away in the park.
Packing Your Lunch
Get your food ready for your picnic lunch-break the night before. You can make your favorite sandwiches, spreads, veggies and salads ahead of time and store them overnight in a chill-able container like this one from Cool Gear (Deluxe Salad Kit). Inside is plenty of room for your lunch (enough for TWO actually), including some extremely tasty Kashi Sea Salt and Olive Oil Hummus Crisps.

Cool Gear's Deluxe Salad Kit holds enough crisps, salad and Chobani Greek yogurt dip for two!
How About a Bicycle Picnic?
The weekend might afford you time for more elaborate plans but you can up the fun factor by planning a bicycle picnic. Take everything by bicycle from fresh fruits to ice cream!  You just need some ice and a thermal bag to keep the frozen things separate.

Arctic Zero Frozen desserts are low in calories and sugar but big on flavor. Photo: Chocolate Dipped 85 cal Strawberry Bar and Vanilla Maple in a sundae has only 150 calories for the WHOLE pint.

Snacks to Pack
You'll also need a bicycle with a rear rack or at the very least a front basket. Here I have my Basil Cosa Rear Basket loaded will all sorts of picnic goodies for a day out in the park. Nutrient dense foods like Kashi Hummus Crisps are delicious and their Soft and Chewy Bars are naturally sweetened, made with real fruit and veggies.

  Don't forget the drinks! Svelte Organic Protein Shakes are delicious and help keep up your energy levels.
Grab and Go Smoothie
While I have a VitaMix and use it nearly every day, I like the convenience (and taste) of the Svelte Organic Protein Shakes. These are nutritionally complete and totally satisfying with 11 gms of organic protein and a low glycemic value of 6 gms of sugar. You can pop them in an ice cooler to chill along the way and the little screw top makes them pretty spill-proof after they've been opened. Their Cappuccino is off the chart delicious and gives you an energy boost.

Wine and Dine Me
Want to do an impromptu picnic date? If you are planning a romantic lunch in the park, don't forget the wine and cheese. You can really pull this together quite quickly as you only need a few items: Wine, cheese, bread and fruit

CalNaturale Organic Wines: Cabernet "French Camp Vineyard" Paso Robles 2009 and Chardonnay Medocino Vineyards 2010, both made with premium Organic grapes.
Organic Wine
You can take your outdoor soiree to the next level by serving wine made from organic grapes. CalNaturale Wines offer more than just pesticide free fruit. These can hold their own against any respected California vineyard and the screw-top makes them perfect to take along for a picnic. No cork-screw necessary! So refreshing and unpretentious, their Chardonnay is light and crisp with a hint of vanilla. The Cabernet is bold without being acidic or astringent as some dryer red wines. Fragrant and fruity, these organic wines will complement any picnic outing. 

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