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Airbrush Makeup Artist Secrets: Kett Cosmetics, NYC & Embryolisse Labs-Paris, France

Kett Jett Airbrush and Cosmetics - NYC and Embryolisse Labs skin prep - Paris, France.
One of the things I've learned from doing live television and print work is to be prepared. Some of the smaller television stations often do not have makeup artists on set so you need to show up "with face on". This is also true when shooting on location where you are out in the elements. I met Sheila McKenna, the owner and creator of NYC based Kett Cosmetics about 9 years ago when after being in a fashion show, noticed the male models looked incredible on the runway. They had been airbrushed! So Sheila choose just the perfect shade for me in her Hydro Foundation and blush both of which I airbrush before all photo shoots, television and HD videos.

The tag line for Kett Cosmetics is "Makeup for the Digital Age" but McKenna says: "Makeup has to look good in person and on camera. My makeup has evolved with technology so as technology changes, so will my product line."  Sheila offers classes for professional makeup artists with her NYC series coming up in September.  Check out the Kett Cosmetics Website for Class Dates.
Kett Hydro Foundation is long-wearing can be applied with or without an airbrush.
I've always applied Kett Hydro Foundation through an airbrush, (try the Kett Jett compressor & gun) but you can also get a very lovely finish using a stippling or dual fiber skunk brush. This is a Pro Based makeup line and makeup artist gurus like YouTube's Wayne Goss say it is his "holy grail" foundation. Wayne, where have you been? I've know this for years!

Kett's NEW Fixx Creme Blush Compacts

Another makeup artist who's work I admire is that of Angie Mehlhorn. Angie has used her airbrushing system on her brides in the Pittsburgh area, television shows, (Dance Moms) and editorial work. It is truly her go to product. " I love that Kett is so versatile, I can simply match absolutely anyone's skin tone with ease. Also I can give someone a finished sanitary look with the contouring colors, blush, highlight etc."

Makeup Artist Angie Mehlhorn (right) airbrushing on set.

Angie M makeup artistry
Makeup Artist Secrets-The Kit
Angie shared some of her makeup artist secrets with me, which I am including here. This can work with an airbrush or a makeup brush application. I've also put together a suggested Artist Makeup Kit which is what I bring on set prior to a television appearance or on location photo shoot. The Kett Jett accommodates batteries so you can run it with or without a power outlet.

1.) Primer: Top makeup artists from all over the world use Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate as a foundation base or primer. Shiela and Angie both use and recommend Embryolisse in their pro classes and the Emulsion Hydra-Mat can be used to help control oiliness. You'll find a little tube of Embryolisse in practically every savvy makeup artist's kit and European models often will not let you work on them without it. I also like L'Oreal Miracle Blur which J-Lo is said to also be in love with for red carpet photography.

*NOTE: You can also use less moisturizer under your makeup if you apply a rinse off moisture masque first. This will prep your skin and leave a dewy texture without being overly greasy. Try Embryolisse Hydra-Masque.

2.) Cream Blush  You can use Kett Fixx Creme Blush over her airbrush foundations. Use a damp Beauty Blender sponge to pick up pigment. I like the Fixx Creme Blush as it can be used for lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. but glides on and stays put as it is water-proof. It also contains vitamins and botanicals that are good for the skin.

3.) Airbrushing Benefits If you really want to experience the ultimate in makeup artistry, invest in an airbrush system like the Kett Jett. It holds two airbrush guns so you can switch between the two and goes up to 30 p.s.i.  You can actually use it to do tattoo coverage and air tanning. Airbrushing uses very little product, (6-7 drops of foundation is all you need for face and neck).

*TIP: Airbrushing is likewise very good for acne prone skin as the makeup sits on top of the skin, not down into the pores. You are also not introducing bacteria and germs from hair or fiber brushes and sponges. 

4.) Body Beautiful One of the top makeup artist secrets is the illusion that can be made with airbrushing arms, legs and abs. Magazine covers to Victoria Secret fashion shows all use the same sculpting techniques. Air tanning and bronzer applications look so real when done through an airbrush. Here's what to do:
Clarisonic Plus with face and body attachments.

*Exfoliate- You can use a Clarisonic Plus Ultrasonic Cleansing Brush to gently exfoliate the decolletage, shoulders, arms and legs...really anywhere you want a smooth application of color. On your face, use something gentle like Embryolisse Exfoliating Cream.

*Moisturize - Just like your face, be sure to plump up your body parts after you've exfoliated them. Once again Embryolisse wins out. The Lait-Creme Rich Corps does for your body what their Lait-Creme Concentrate does for your face. This is a new formula with a dual action that nourishes, moisturizes and repairs the skin.

All makeup application requires a bit of imagination and artistry.  If you want pro results, take a look at what the pros actually use, especially product wise. Airbrushing is really easy to do, just check out some of the great videos on YouTube to get started. If you are a professional makeup artist and want to explore airbrushing, there are seminars and workshops you can attend to expand your skills.  It will set you apart from the crowd and allow for quick and seamless results as seen here. 

Airbrush makeup artistry by Angie Mehlhorn using Kett Cosmetics & Embryolisse products.

Cosmetics and Skincare products C/O Kett Cosmetics & Embryolisse Laboratories


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