Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On the Go? Summer Travel Essentials

A trip to the beach or even abroad. Here are some carry on essentials for easy summer travel. Pewter Sand Dollar Woven Handbag by NewportStyle.net, the Newport Mansions Stores.
July is National Parks and Recreation Month - A DAY AT THE BEACH: I really enjoy packing up and taking off for a impromptu trip to the beach, park or anywhere fun during the hot summer. Since July is National Parks and Recreation Month, visiting local spots first is always a good idea. One thing I've learned is to keep a bag packed with a few essentials for each destination.  My beach tote contains Mission Sun Defeated Continuous Spray Sunblock SPF 50 & their Moisturizing Lip Treatment, (SPF 20) as well as Jergens Natural Glow-Protect for a little color + sun block. My sunhat is made of woven raffia and is by Helen Kaminski . It is a tough hat, made in Australia and does an amazing job of blocking the sun.

Transitional Outfit: Horny Toad Dizzie Dress & Earthies Shoes. Knit topper by Cotton On goes from the AC'd office to an early evening picnic date in the park.
Taking a Trip?
If you are doing more than just a day trip, consider keeping a Carry-On bag of your favorite comfort items. These will vary depending on if you are traveling by car, train or plane but they all should be kept close at hand. Here's a few things that I take along that take up less space and do double duty.

All of these items fit easily inside my GLC Guilden Carry All with room for clothes & a pair of shoes.
Packing for a trip should include essentials like these, especially if you are going on a long distance tour. I keep a little bottle of Visine-A for allergy flare ups that can occur when you change climates. Also to stay extra fresh when you might not be able to get to your hotel, take along some baby wipes or Fresh Bath moist towelettes. You can refresh your whole body in the rest room. Speaking of keeping fresh, Secret Clinical Strength is amazing. It will keep you dry and fresh smelling for more than 24 hours even in hot, sticky climates. A clear zippered pouch like this allows you to quickly find what you need while protecting your luggage from product spills.

Embryolisse Hydra Masque and Eye & Lip Contour Cream do double duty.
On the Plane
If you fly, you'll know how important it is to pack your handbag with everything you'll need so as not to have to access your on board luggage in the bin above your head. Here's a situation where you might want to go bigger with your handbag as it can also carry extra clothing and other needed items.

I've found this system to work very well and having essentials like hand cream can work wonders in combating dry cabin air.  

In the Hotel
Likewise Embryolisse Hydro-Masque is a wonderful treat for dried out skin. Pop it on in your hotel room for 15 minutes and you'll be ready for dinner looking plumped and refreshed. I also like their Eye & Lip Contour Cream as it comes in a pump bottle and is both an eye and lip cream. Double duty out of one pump saves space and time switching between products!

Smart Travel First Aid kit has medicines and supplies especially helpful for traveling.
First Aid for Travelers
I keep a Smart Travel from Adventure Medical Kits with me as it is small enough to fit my carry all yet holds A LOT of supplies. Everything from aspirin and anti-nausea medicine to bandages, ointments and other first aid products. I keep a little tube of Topricin Pain Cream in my kit because it can be used for a lot of things like insect bites, bruises and aches. The kit itself is complete though and sectioned into areas depending on the emergency. It also has a little graphic card with pictures to convey your needs in a different language if you are traveling abroad. Everything is well thought out and can help put your traveling mind at ease!

Smart Travel c/o Adventure Medical Kits

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