Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snack Attack - Cool Gear Snack Mini

Sometimes you just need a little something to keep your energy up.  Cool Gear Snack Mini
It's really a shame that many of the diet gurus of late denounce snacking as one of the seven deadly sins.  As a Certified Nutritional Consultant, I disagree.  Starving yourself between meals is often a guarantee that you'll over-eat once the food finally arrives.  There goes the diet!

In fact, I know that there are good things that you can snack on to help keep both your blood sugar and energy levels up. Some light chicken salad, raw nuts, nut buttered crackers or low fat cheese are all great choices.  They are rich in protein but low in sugar so no blood sugar spikes. Problem is, as it gets warmer, you're snack choices tend to narrow due to the heat and subsequent tendency towards spoilage. 

Well that needn't be the case.  You can expand your healthy snack choices with Cool Gear's EZ-Freeze Snack Minis.  This smart container holds a whopping 10 oz (yogurt containers only hold up to 8 oz) and has a little freezable lid to help keep everything nice and chilly.

Raw almonds in the Snack Mini.  Add whatever, it'll be cold!
The little plastic carabiner allows you to clip the Snack Mini onto your backpack or belt for quick access to nuts and trail mix.  The gel lid is VERY effective for keeping whatever is inside nice and cold so once you're ready for that seafood salad, everything will be cool and fresh.

Remember in warmer weather, foods can really turn quite quickly.  What may taste fine could actually be "off" and make you sick. The Snack Mini allows you to take along a mini-cooler full of the snack or food of your choice.  Take a walk, take a hike.  Freedom!  Take along a variety of delicious, high protein snacks that will stay cold for hours and you'll find your workout day to be a lot more energized and enjoyable.

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