Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cool Protein Shakes to Go

Rainbow Light Acai Protein Energizer & Stay Fit EZ Freeze Protein Shaker
Sometimes mornings can be hectic.  You may not always have the luxury of being able to leisurely sip your favorite smoothie.  When pressed for time or just want something light to drink on the road, I mix up a Rainbow Light Protein EnergizerIt has whey and 14 grams brown rice protein plus a lot of antioxidants and a bit of fiber.  Rainbow Light Protein Energizers contain NO soy, gluten, dairy or added sugar.  Combined with the Stay Fit EZ Freeze Protein Shaker, I have an instant breakfast that stays totally chilly until I have time to drink it.  Just pop the bottom of the Protein Shaker in the freezer, fill and go.

Stay Fit Protein Shaker keeps your shake cold for hours
If you have natural food based ingredients in your shake, spoilage is always going to be a problem.  Not so with the Protein Shaker.  Take it with you on your walk or to the will be chilling for you.  There is a little knob to secure the drink spout lid so you can chug way.  The top and bottom half twist off for easy cleaning.  It's like having a little cooler for your protein shake. Here are some Protein Shaker Features:

  • BPA Free
  • Non-toxic freezer gel keeps it cold & fresh
  • Perfect for meal replacement drinks
  • Simply freeze, fill & go
  • Holds 10 oz liquid
  • Graduated measurement up to 8 ozs

Super Chocolate Protein Shake 

Studies have shown that athletes who had chocolate milk recover faster than those who drank other beverages.  You can ditch the extra fat and sugar but amp up the antioxidants and flavor with MY delicious chocolate protein shake recipe:

1 Cup low fat milk (you can substitute almond or rice milk)

1 Scoop Rainbow Light Chocolate Protein Energizer

1/2 Teaspoon Cocoa or instant coffee

1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

2 ice cubes

Throw everything into the pre-chilled Protein Shaker and SHAKE!  That's it.  No blender, no mixing, no lumps.  On days that I have a bit of time, I will add home made Almond Milk and or Sunbutter Sunflower Seed Spread to this recipe by way of my VitaMix power blender.  The raw almonds and Sunbutter add extra protein, Omega 3 fatty acids and nutrition while keeping you feeling fuller a bit longer.  Even better... it's absolutely DELICIOUS!  Check out The New Woman's Herbal & Nutritional Guide for even more healthy eating tips & recipes.

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  1. Perhaps look into a new kind of protein shake bottle where it is insulated and keeps ice from melting and keeps drinks cold for 36 hours! It’s easily one of the best shaker bottles on the market and I know it's about to take off!