Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Day Get-Away!

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I remember the spontaneity of those wonderful summer days when we just packed a beach bag and headed off to Sag Harbor for the weekend. We stayed at our little chalet right on the beach or sometimes at a sweet picturesque cottage further inland. Other times called for a short day trip to the lake. Either way it was last minute packing at its finest. I really wish that I had a back pack like this back then!

Believe it or not everything you see in the photo above plus a full on hydration system fit in this Rudy Project Daypack II. The water bladder is removable and adjustable to feed from either your left or right shoulder. Rent a beach cruiser and stow your sandals, athletic shoes or helmet using the mesh holder shown below. Comfortable air-flow shoulder straps & waist belt complete the picture.

Better still are the tricked out zippered pouches and pockets many with mesh lining to allow sandy sandals and wet clothing to dry quicker. This is a high quality bag with rugged over-sized zipper pulls that I LOVE! Holds a LOT more than what is pictured. Here's my quickie beach packing list for your day into evening get away:

1 swimsuit
1 Speedo swim cap
1 wide brimmed, soft floppy sun hat
1 Pair Sunflower Sunglasses in Demi Turtle by Rudy Project
1 pair of Flip Flops
1 Beach towel
2 pair Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs by ExOfficio for quick drying & comfort
1 Zephr Shirt by ExOfficio, (sheer white blouse doubles as a beach cover)
1 Terry Bohemian Flare Cycling Skort has a sheer, light chamois built in
1 Pair Dig Her Capris by ExOfficio
1 Dryflylite Blouse by ExOfficio
1 Travel Cosmetic Bag with: Aveeno 100+ SPF Sunblock, Clarins Liquid Make-up, comb, Bobbi Brown 15 SPF Lipstick, Natrapel 8 Hour Insect Wipes by Tender Corp.
1 Kestrel 4500 Weather Tracker to stay on top of the temp, heat index and changing weather conditions coming on shore.
Oh yes and a super good read for the day, (not that you'll have time to do it)!

So last minute plans for a day or even a weekend beach trip won't throw you. Its really fun especially when you combine a bicycle ride or stroll on the boardwalk and dinner at the local "clam shack" to end the day. Pack your beach bag now, pick a day and GO. Summer is just too delicious to waste!

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