Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Shades

Dr. M in her NEW Rudy Girl Ability performance glasses from Rudy Project. These Multi-Laser lenses do more than just look good. They offer serious eye protection from UV rays and road debris. They resist fogging even in high humidity! Sterling Cycling Helmet also by Rudy Project.

We often take our eyes for granted. I have seen first hand the effects of years of UV exposure on my older patients' eyes. Cataracts and wrinkling around the eye area are signs that you didn't do all that you could to protect them from the sun. That is why I wear Transitions adaptive lenses year round. Many days it may appear to be cloudy with not much sun. Wrong! The sun is still in force but only in a diffused form and still able to do damage. My Transitions lenses automatically darken according to the level of protection I need. Best investment in eye wear I've ever made! Now here's the second:

Rudy Project's Technically Cool Eye Wear

Rudy Girl Ability in Raspberry
- Made in Italy. These offer wrap around design for full sun and wind protection for your eyes. These Multi-Laser Red lenses are inter-changeable and the nose piece is adjustable for extra comfort. Weighing in at a super light 25 grams, the only thing you'll notice is how comfortable your eyes feel.

NEW from Rudy Girl Collection!

List: $174.50

These not only offer fantastic vision protection but LOOK GREAT on! I use them for cycling, walking and hiking but they also look killer on the beach, for boating and water sports. These are ultra light, high performance lenses that resist fogging even under the most hot and humid conditions. How about 87%? The Ability Glasses stayed clear as a bell as you can see in the photo above! Check out all the new styles & colors in the Rudy Girl Collection at Rudy Project Online

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