Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back to Campus Clean and Green Laundry Tips

Laundry Day on Campus can be clean AND green!
I was so spoiled! Either Nanny or my mother took care of my laundry even all the way through High School. When I arrived on campus at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, I was clueless on how to do my wash. 

New on campus, Riders by Lee are wrinkle resistant so no ironing!
I can remember the huge front loading washing machines in the dorm basement which were similar to those in my aunt's laundry room. After that it was all Greek to me. Sorting colors, temperature and fabric settings all were hit and miss the first month or so. Ironing was another issue so I'd highly recommend investing in some Riders by Lee Casual Slacks pictured above. On the Go comfort and breathable, these are wash and wear ready. 
At the very least, make sure your freshman leaves with these few tips on how to wash their clothes while keeping it totally clean, green and natural. They will thank you for it.

Pure, Natural Laundry Soap from Reverie Farms

Natural Laundry Soap
This little 32 oz /quart handled jug is the perfect size for a college dorm and to tote to the laundry room. This Natural Laundry Soap as NO synthetic dyes, phosphates, chemicals, caustics or brighteners. As it is very pure, you won't need to add fabric softener. Everything I wash in this soap comes out so fluffy and fresh...naturally! Also worthy of mention is Reverie Farms Natural Foaming Hand Soap in Sandalwood.  It will make your hands and the entire bathroom smell incredible. See both the Natural Laundry Detergent and Sandalwood Natural Foaming Hand Soap online

Dryel On-the-Go Spot Out Pen
Dryel Stain Removing Pen
Even safe for delicate, special care clothes! This is great for the student on the go and packs easily in your handbag or backpack. Perfect for meals out, on the fly or at the Dining Hall. Has a soft touch applicator and works great on: wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and more. The best shot you have at removing a spot is as soon as it happens. Check them out at your local stores or online at

Minky Double Retractable Clothes Line
Solar/Air Outdoor Dryers
Minky Double Retractable 30m Clothes Line is perfect for setting up temporarily or permanently on a balcony, garden or patio area. There are also smaller, retractable one line units which can be installed in your bathroom but once you go outdoors, you'll never want to go back! Fresh air and sunshine are the BEST God given scents on earth and leave your clothes ultra purified and fragrant. Better than that, you are going ultra-green as this method of clothes drying requires NO electricity or gas. All you need are a few wooden clothes pins! Sold at most local stores as well as online at Amazon here: Minky Double Retractable 30m Clothes Line.  See all the varieties at

Minky Tower Indoor Dryer being used outside on the patio.

Minky Tower Indoor Dryer
You've seen those old fashioned, folding wooden doweled indoor clothes dryers. I remember having one set up in the bathtub of my first apartment! There was a big window right above it and both the sunshine and fresh air would kiss everything I placed on it. This Tower Indoor Dryer Rack offers 131 feet of drying space. You can use clothes pins to keep things from blowing away when used outdoors. Perfect also for sweaters which need to lay flat to prevent stretching. This was a bit of a challenge to assemble and could be a bit more sturdy. Still it is lightweight and does the job. Available in most stores and on Amazon here: Minky Tower Indoor Dryer

NOTHING smells better than God's own fresh air and sunshine!
These are just a few tips to get you and or your college co-ed on the way to a clean but green way of getting through laundry day. No chemicals. No electricity. No gas!

Disclaimer: This article contains two Amazon Affiliate links from which I earn a small commission. The reviews and thoughts are candidly my own however.

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