Sunday, June 25, 2017

NEW Japanese & Korean Summer Spa Treats

Far Eastern Skincare Secrets for your next Spa Day!
This summer, I've had the chance to try a few new pampering products out of both Korea and Japan. All of them can come together for a super summer spa day as you go from cleansing, masking,moisturizing and sun preparation.

Here's what's HOT right now.

Detox from the inside out.
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar & Propolis Plus Caps
I featured Dr. Ohhira's Beauty Bar before along with my Spring Spa treats. However, since clear skin begins within, I would also recommend his Propolis Plus. Each gel cap contains Brazilian Green Propolis + Probiotic Extract & Astaxanthin which is a form of algae. Used in tandem, your skin will be clearer and healthier from within. In fact when I first when to a dermatologist for my acne, he put me on a round of antibiotics so the principle is a sound one. However this is a natural product which will not wipe out both good and bad flora. The fermented Beauty Bar soap likewise has both prebiotics and probiotics for a balanced acid mantle and dermal flora. Made in Japan for Dr. Ohhira by 

Korean Collagen Masque by Mediheal
Dress Code Violet Masque by Mediheal
This special spa masque is from Korea and infused with natural botanicals such as lavender, witch hazel, fig and collagen. These are actually reusable as they are cloth. Place over the eyes like a masquerade mask and relax for 10-20 minutes. If you have sinus issues, or want to simply chill on a hot summer's day, try placing the mask in the refrigerator for about an hour before applying.  Ah bliss! Made in Korea for Mediheal by

Korean Aloegel and Sulwhasoo UV Skin Protection Cream
Alogel and Sulwhasoo
Alogel Fresh Aloe Facial Care is about as close as you can get to applying a fresh cut piece of aloe vera plant to your skin. I like applying it anytime of the day but especially after cleansing and toning. It infuses that bit of extra moisture into the skin before your next step of moisturizer and or sunscreen. Made in Korea and available via

Sulwhasoo Age-Viel UV Protection Cream SPF 30+ is a favorite of mine due to it's light, easy absorbing texture and optimal 30+ SPF. It is moisturizing and will not compete with your makeup application. One of the best moisturizing sunscreens, chock full of natural herbal and root extracts such as camellia, honey and ginseng.  Made in Korea and available via

The takeaway from what makes some of these Asian skincare spa secrets so unique are: natural fermentation, soothing botanicals, pre and probiotics. All of these factors work as a synergy and are a must have for your next spa day.

Summer Waterlily in bloom in my Japanese Koi Pond

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