Friday, April 7, 2017

What's NEW at Ulta for Spring 2017?

Model's Own Cosmetics arrives this spring, exclusively at Ulta!

Spring 2017 - Ulta Beauty announces the arrival of Model's Own Cosmetics from London. This UK based makeup collection has over 650 eye, face and lip products all exclusively available at Ulta.

So how does this line stack up to better known cosmetic lines? Inexpensively priced, the Model's Own Collection falls somewhere between NYC and Wet n' Wild in quality. The color palettes are somewhat intense and the glitter a bit chunky in the shimmer eye shadows. Here are some first impressions from my Ulta Haul shown above:

Model's Own Vintage Rose Eye Shadow Palette exclusively available at Ulta

Model's Own Vintage Rose Eye Shadow Palette
Shown here above, this palette has a fair balance of mattes and shimmers and these eye shadows are moderately pigmented. A bit too intense for daily wear as we've grown accustomed to the more muted Urban Decay Naked Palettes but could be dramatic for evening. Comes with a well made dual ended applicator brush and mirrored, magnetic case.

Model's Own I-Definer Eyeliner Duo in Midnight 18
One end is a felt tip and the other a gel crayon. The gel crayon end is very similar to Marc Jacobs Gel Crayon Eyeliner. Very smooth,highly pigmented and easy to apply. Stays put. Excellent! Comes in three shades.

Model's Own Luxestick in Velvet Whisper 14
This velvet matte lipstick offers no shine but a soft moisturizing feel. I like the magnetic case and the color has a bit of a blue undertone. A pretty pink nude which should compliment most complexions. Stacked up against my Holy Grail of lipsticks, Color Envy by Estee Lauder, it does not have the same level of pigmentation or hydration. The Color Envy Lipsticks are also about $45 a piece. See all the Model's Own Cosmetics available now on

PUR No Filter Primer

Other New Goodies at Ulta
PUR Minerals No Filter Blurring Photography Primer gives you more of a glow and can even be added to foundation for extra sheerness. It is the exact opposite of a more matte primer like Revlon's Miracle Blur. I don't see it hiding fine lines and creases like the other silicone based formulas so the "blurring" claim is yet to be seen. Comes in a dropper bottle. Contains coconut, olive oil and shea butter and retails for about $30. If you already have oily skin, you may find yourself really shining! Also available at

butterLONDON Blush Clutch Palettes

butterLONDON Blush Clutch Palettes
These are new for Spring 2017 with collections like Just Darling and Simply Sweet. The pods are interchangeable so you can actually build your own personalized clutch. Very well pigmented, the colors are easy to sheer our and go on smoothly. My favorite is that each Blush Clutch comes with a gold shimmer highlighting wand. It lets you put those highlights just where you want them. Really exquisite from or

Cosmetics c/o their respective manufacturers.

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