Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Natural Oral Care Options

NEW products for a naturally clean mouth.

This season, it's all about cleansing and detoxing. What better place to start than in your mouth? Natural dental care is indeed a thing as we start dropping unnecessary chemicals and additives for common items like toothpaste and mouthwash. So here are some new products I've found plus a few tricks to help improve your current oral routine keeping your smile healthy and white.

My dentist, Dr.  Joshua Perlman, NYC Smile Spa, Park Ave.

Regular Check Ups and Cleanings
Proper dental care starts with regular visits to the dentist. My current medical insurance includes dental coverage with bi-annual cleanings and checkups. If your plan also includes these visits, I recommend you take full advantage of them. I floss daily so I've not had an issue with plaque buildup during my office cleanings. Last year I had my teeth whitened in the dentist's office twice.  I now have a Go Smile whitening toothbrush that works with the same whitening blue light and peroxide as the dentist's office. You can also use Crest Whitening Strips in between office visits. The idea is not to over-do it!

Make your current dental products better.
Improving Your Current Dental Products
As you are making the transition from less natural dental hygiene products to more organic ones, there is no need to throw everything out. If you are easing into natural oral care or want to keep a few favorite products here are a few tips. 

1.) First of all you can dilute your mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide. On its own it makes for a good mouth wash and helps whiten the teeth without any additional chemicals.

2.) Add a few drops of essential oils of Frankincense and Clove Bud. These two essential oils have been used for centuries for their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. I like to add about 5 drops each to a 15 fl oz bottle of my favorite mouthwash for a total of 10 drops. It really kicks it up a notch and is very easy to do. My Frankincense and Clove Bud Essential Oils came in my ZenOil box subscription.

Coral White and Coral Kids Toothpastes
Coral Calcium Toothpastes
Both varieties for adults and children are made without fluoride or glycerin. They are each made with ionic calcium from above sea coral plus natural herbs like: Goldenseal, Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea and American Ginseng. Flavored with natural mint for the adults, Coral White is a very gentle yet effective toothpaste. I know for a fact that our little four year old Emily is crazy about the Coral Kids Berry Bubblegum Flavor and looks forward to brushing her teeth. I call that winning! Check them out at CoralCalcium.com

WaterPik Sonic Toothbrush - You can read my full review of the WaterPik Sonic Toothbrush HERE. Suffice it to say that no matter what oral care products you choose, a sonic toothbrush like this one is going to do a superior job of keeping those pearlies, white. Comes with two interchangeable heads, has two speed settings and charges on its own stand. Visit WaterPik.com

Closys TSA  friendly Introductory Kit
Closys Oral Care
This introductory kit is perfect for travel and contains: an alcohol free oral rinse, sulfate free fluoride toothpaste and a sugar free breath spray.
What I especially like is the fact that the oral mouth rinse is non-irritating for sensitive mouths. You get to choose the amount of flavor strength as the peppermint dropper is supplied separately. Kills 99.9% of germs that cause bad breath so this is a heavy hitter. Get the scoop at Closys.com

KoffieStraw helps keep staining liquids off your teeth.
KoffieStraw is a silicone straw that helps keep liquids like coffee and even wine from staining the front of your teeth. What good is having your teeth professionally whitened only to have them stained again? In fact right after having a whitening treatment, I can not have colored liquids or foods for about 48 hours. These KoffieStraws come in handy for those everyday coffees, teas and other beverages which stain over time. Available from KoffieStraw.com

So these are just a few ideas to step up your oral care game. Coupled with regular cleanings and checkups at your dentist's office, you can have a fresher, cleaner mouth naturally.

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