Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 NEW Things That Will Make Your Life AMAZING in 2017

What's IN for 2017?

2017 is going to be a GREAT year, yes indeed! Always looking to improve, I've gathered a few new tools and gadgets which I've ferreted out for you. Each item, great or small is personally tested and fully tried so you get the honest to goodness truth. So here are 10 things that will help put you on the path to an incredible 2017:

Koffiestraw + thermal insulated Klean Kanteen
1.) Koffiestraw + Insulated Reusable Drink Containers
If you really want to keep your teeth white while knocking back those caramel lattes (or an occasional glass of wine), you should check out Koffiestraw. Made of easy to clean, inert silicone, these lightweight little straws go everywhere and will even fit in your favorite Starbucks cap. These nifty little straws keep staining liquids off the front of your teeth and can be used at home or at the coffee shop.  Check them out at

One of my reusable thermal containers.
I say go one better and invest in a refillable, reusable thermos. Many coffee shops will give you a little discount when you bring your own for a "refill" which is what I do with my Klean Kanteen. There are other brands and sometimes the barista shop will carry their own. Save a cup, save the environment!

Boot Rescue Disposable Wipes
2.) Clean Kicks - Boot Rescue
These handy wipes are perfect for your bag or glove box. These effectively remove dirt, stains and junk from your boots while leaving them with a protective shine. Something you can definitely use now in the snow and for the rainy spring days ahead. As an added plus, using these will also keep your indoor floors and carpeting cleaner. See all the varieties for shoes as well as sneakers at

Makeup may not on its own make your life amazing by add in some quality skincare products, a salon quality blow out at home and you're on your way. Here are a few exceptional treats which promise to make you amazingly beautiful!

Lumene Skincare from Finland
3.) Skin Like a Nordic Princess Lumene, Finland
These new skincare products from Lumene are from their Sisu or Urban Collection. This means extra antioxidants and goodies including a rich blend of Nordic seed oils. Personally I add at least two to three servings a week of cold water fish like sardines, salmon and Carlson's Cod Liver Oil to help keep my skin moisturized from within. Another skincare favorite of mine are the Biore Charcoal Pore Strips which are incredibly effective at unplugging nose pores.
Both the Hydrating Serum and Facial Oil are rich in natural botanicals yet are fragrance free. Check them out at

Good Being Natural Beauty Box
4.) Good Being Healthy Beauty + Natural Wellness Delivered
I've had quite a few monthly subscription boxes but I have to say that this is one of my favorites as it offers both natural skincare and makeup options. The Good Being Box even allows you to choose some of the products you will receive each month. That way you don't get a lot of products that you don't need or want. The emphasis is on natural, organic and effective. Wonderful! See it and sign up at

Butter London Spring 2017 color palettes
5.) Posh Butter London's 2017 Spring Offerings
I've worn Butter London Nail Lacquers for years now but this is the first time I've given their cosmetics a try. I will say they did not disappoint, especially with their Up All Night eye shadow duo set that goes on like shimmering butter. Interchangeable, the color pods shown are Kohl and Canvas.
Also noteworthy is their new Blush Clutch in Simply Sweet which offers three generous blush/contouring pods plus a gold shimmer wand for highlighting. So far I'm impressed with these natural hues that enhance, not over-power. Perfect from

Towel dry-blow dry!
6.) Aquis Essentials Waffled Hair Towel + Revlon Perfect Heat Spin Brush
These two items have revolutionized how you will do your hair in 2017. First up is the Aquis waffled gentle hair towel. Just wrap and go, this gentle towel has amazing wicking properties that make quick work of sopping wet hair. Gently dries hair with less friction which helps reduce frizz and breakage. Allows for less blowing time which takes me to the next step. See it at

Revlon Perfect Heat 2" Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air Spin Brush is similar other spinning blow dry brushes such as by Babyliss, John Frieda and Conair. I purchased the Revlon model after checking out the options offered by the others. The Revlon appeared to be the better brush as it has a true ceramic tourmaline barrel and multi-directional switch. I've had blow outs at some of the top salons in NYC such as Cristos 5th Avenue and they all use a 2" or larger brush and blow dryer. The Revlon Perfect Heat Spin Brush allows you to master the perfect blow out with just one hand as it is both round brush AND blow dryer in one. Salon results at home? Totally within reach with a styling tool like this. Check it out at Target, Walgreen's and Ulta.

Rxable Designer Eyewear by Drew Barrymore 
7.) Rxable Flower Eyewear by Drew Barrymore 
NEW from Drew Barrymore, really lovely eyewear that's Rx ready. Classic Aviator and Tortoise Shell frames can be worn with the included polarized lenses or your own prescription. You'll be able to have multiple pairs for your spring outfits this year!  See all the assorted frames in this collection at

SquareHue nail laquers making a difference.

8.) Nailing It - HUE Nail Lacquers
These gorgeous nail lacquers are available as a monthly subscription box however it is one of the BEST nail polishes I've ever tried. Super shiny and long wearing, the colors are intense. I received the Bird Fling 12.15, a gorgeous red in my Good Being Subscription Box. On top of making a killer nail polish, SquareHue does a lot of good by offering free manicure services for rescued women. A loving touch! Check them out at 

Get a Juicer and or a power blender for pure juices in 2017
9.) Juicer and or VitaMix + 300 Best Blender Recipes
I've had a VitaMix for years and recently added an extracting juicer to the mix. I use the VitaMix for whole food juices and the above book, 300 Best Blender Recipes Using Your VitaMix is a great resource for beginners. It contains much more than just juice and soup recipes, there are full on meals and entrees all made quick and easy with this power blender. If you want pure juices without the pulp or fiber, then a juice/extractor is the way to go. I have the TriBest Extractor Juicer which sends the pulp out of one chute and the pure extracted juice out another. Both have a place in my kitchen but I think I use the VitaMix more. I like to keep it pulpy! 

Get Cooking! Healthy fats and dietary oils.
10.) Natural Oils for the Human Machine
I mentioned before how I include at least 2-3 servings of oily, cold water fish each week. I also use a small amount of real butter but I've recently tried Melt Organic Spread which is a coconut oil based product. It's really delicious and replaces butter in most recipes. Here are a few other oil products I've added for healthy skin and hair:

Coconut Oil: In addition to the Melt Organic Spread, I've been using flavored coconut oils in cooking. Two that I especially like are Lemon and Garlic flavored Organic Coconut Oils by Nature's Approved . This coconut oil uses organic garlic and adds a delicious flavor as a topping for pizza,chicken and fish. The lemon flavored coconut oil tastes delicious and is especially good on broiled and grilled salmon.

Olive Oil: Imported from established estates in Greece, the Kalamata region olive oil is deliciously peppery! Gaea Olive Oil makes the perfect compliment to all sorts of Mediterranean dishes.
NEW! Organic Olives in little foil pouches that are perfect for snacking or taking to work to top your salad and more. They do not need refrigeration after opening but they are so good, they will be instantly gone. Dark Kalamata and rich green olives to go. 

So what new things are you excited about for 2017? These are just a few ideas that I've found. How about you?

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