Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's in My Cruise Bag? Top Travel Gifts & Organic Makeup

My Biaggi Resort Luggage is packed with spa quality skin care products and organic makeup!
Resort Season is here and many of us have made cruise reservations or booked a trip to somewhere warm and sunny. Nearly all of the best resorts and cruise ships offer spa treatments, massage and facials. Well, you may want to get a jump on those luxuries by packing some of these pampering essentials for your get-away. Use them at home or take along, any and all of these items not only pack well but make great Christmas Gifts for the jet-setter on your list!

Packing for a flight to a tropical destination?
Many times you'll need to take a flight to get to your cruise destination. The cabin air in a jet is notorious for being very dry as it is pressurized. So I like to pack a 4 oz spritz bottle of lavender water in my tote bag. You can also stow a roll-up water bottle in your carry on or tote as it can be easily refilled later.

All these travel essentials fit & can be seen easily in this clear tote.
Beautiful Skin to Go
Look for sample packets of beauty products like cleansers and moisturizers often available at cosmetic counters. Traveling with these will help free up space for other items. What are my favorite skincare items to pack? Hydrating Facial Sheet Masks like Masker Aide helps replenish moisture often lost during a long flight. Open it up, lay it on your face and relax. 

Amelie Fashion Shower Cap for spa time on vacation or at home.

If you have puffy eyes, try GM Colin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch. I also like Comodynes Urban Cosmetics Make-Up Remover Sheets & Yes to Cucumbers Soothing Facial Wipes. Relax in luxury with a Chic Turban Style Shower Cap by Louvelle and keep your blow-out frizz free! All of these little items make great stocking stuffers and/or gift basket items.

Add these spa-ready essentials to your resort bag.

Marie Ernst Beauty Bars
Speaking of clean skin, I had the chance to try Marie Ernst Beauty Bars which are a natural two-piece soap set. Each bar is made from natural ingredients and botanicals like olive and essential oils. The bars snap together to give you a pumiced side for exfoliation and a smooth side for moisturizing. This soap smells incredible and doesn't dry out your skin. See the whole soapy story at Marie-Ernst Beauty Bars. Yes, they make a great gift!

Marie Ernst Beauty Bars, luxury natural soaps

Make a Clean Get-Away ArgentPro Travel Mat
This European Linen travel mat is made in the USA and infused with antimicrobial properties. Use it as a clean barrier on the plane, the train, on board the cruise ship and when eating in public places. Folds easily and stows in your bag or travel tote. Protects against the growth and transmission of bacteria, mold and mildew. A must have for staying healthy while on vacation. Pick one up before your next trip at ArgentPro.

This antimicrobial Travel Mat goes everywhere as a sanitary barrier.

Sun Ready Skin
Keep in mind that suddenly going from a cold, sunless climate to a tropical sunny one can result in a serious sunburn. Go natural with the Certified Organic Escape Summer Set from Hynt Beauty that has everything you need to protect and glow, seaside or poolside. The Escape Set has: SUN PREP Broadspectrum SPF 30, SOLARE Bronzing Powder, LIBRE Lipgloss in a beautiful Pearly Rose Pink & an Air Blender Brush. This set makes a great gift!  See all of Certified Organic Hynt Natural Beauty selections at HyntBeauty.com 

Hynt Beauty Escape Summer Set is perfect for a cruise.

Sublimely Beautiful Serum Gift Sets
Another travel - spa gift can be found in Sublime Beauty's Boxed Gift Sets of your favorite three skincare serums. These come already boxed to set under the tree and are some of my favorite travel gifts for jet setters on your list, (or yourself)! My favorites? The Retinol with Vitamin C Serum is actually two powerful treatments in one. Definitely get the TSA friendly Travel Set of 4 Top Serums for your cruise. See them all at Sublime Beauty.com

Sublime Beauty Sets of 3 Gift Boxed Serums & Set of 4 Top Serums in a Quality Travel Bag.

Nutrients to Go for a Red Carpet Glow
I always like to take packets of vitamins and skip the bottles and pill holders. HUM obliges with Runway Ready Daily Packs of 3 pills containing their Red Carpet + Killer Nails formulas. These skin, hair and nail goodies contain black current seed oil, GLA + ALA, vitamin E and high potency Biotin. Most vitamins are better absorbed when taken with food so these packets stay with you (not in your hotel room) for meals on the fly. Each box has 30 daily packs or enough for a month. See all the glowing health-enhancing supplements at HUMNutrition.com

Runway Ready Supplements in convenient sealed packets.
Hydrate, Hydrate
Once again the dry cabin air actually sucks moisture out of your skin. I've seen it happen mid-flight! Make sure to keep drinking water during the flight and once you are on the ground.  When you get to your hotel room, remove all makeup (the wipes really help make quick work of it) and use a deep moisturizing cream like Dr. Obagi's Hydrate Luxe Moisture-Rich Cream. Your skin will drink it up overnight and you'll wake up with moist, dewy skin.

Flying to West Palm Beach

NEW Organic Makeup Collection
Take the Hynt! Warm breezes and resort destinations mean leaving it all behind...including artificial ingredients and chemicals in your skincare products. I recently tried and reviewed a new line of Certified Organic skincare products from Sublime Beauty Naturals which you can read about HERE.
So it's only natural that I follow up with a line of Certified Organic Makeup as well, right? Here is the Hynt 2015 Pure Elegance Holiday Gift Set which has: SUITE Eyeshadow Palette in Modern Neutrals, ALTO Matte Blush in Sunset Pink, LUMIERE Radiance Booster, NOCTURNE Black Mascara, FORTE Black Eye pencil and LIBRE Lip Gloss in Burgundy Cherry. Really this is makeup you can feel good about wearing without going totally makeup-free while on vacation. Comes with a cute quilted carry case, this makes a lovely gift. See all the natural products at HyntBeauty.com

Hynt 2015 Pure Elegance Holiday Gift Set 
Bringing the Spa Home
The sweet pampering you often get on vacation at the resort spas and on board a cruise ship can be easily replicated at home IF you know what items to include. Natural skincare starts with ditching artificial ingredients and chemicals. You can start by using natural, organic fruits and nut oils on your skin. 

Another super Holiday Gift Idea is the Mira-Skin Ultrasonic Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to do a ultrasound treatment at home which drives your moisturizers deep into your skin. This kit comes with Hyaluronic Serum, Mira-Skin Ultrasound Gel and the Mira-Skin Ultrasound Wand. You will see results after only two 10 minute treatments. Visit the Mira-Skin website for more information.

Mira-Skin Ultrasound Starter Kit makes a great gift.

Any and all of these travel essentials will make great gifts and stocking stuffers, especially if you know the recipient has a cruise or tropical vacation coming up. They show you care by giving gifts to help them stay healthy and beautiful while traveling. Also consider giving a Scentbird Subscription which gives you a new fragrance to try in the mail every month. You pick your favorite perfume and it arrives in a little atomizer. See all the subscription options at Scentbird.com

Relaxing poolside in West Palm Beach

Skincare products and makeup c/o the manufactures so included herewith.


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