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New Release: Certified Organic Skin Care & Supplements - Sublime Beauty Naturals

The new face of organic beauty: Natural Skincare Products and Nutritional Supplements.
Winter is all but here and if you live in the northern hemisphere, you may begin to notice subtle changes in your skin. Less oil production can result in a dryer texture due to diminished moisture in the air. I enjoy outdoor sports including running and cycling so the elements can really take their toll. Added to this is the concern with fragranced and chemically laden skincare products. One by one I've been phasing them out and replacing them with pure, organic skincare products. Additionally, I've upped my nutritional supplements to include natural internal support for my skin. So, here's a snapshot of my current protocol:

Glowing skin, head to toe modeling this fall at New York Fashion Week
New Release: Sublime Beauty Naturals
This is a new line of highly effective, Certified Organic skin care products. I covered pairing Sublime Beauty Natural's Zen Power Serum with the Mira-Skin's Ultrasound Kit which you can read HERE.  I have been using the Zen Power Serum prior to the addition of Ultrasound treatments and have seen my skin transform: more supple, increased moisture and firmer texture. This organic serum is a rich blend of peptides, vitamins and most importantly hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is present in high quantities in young skin and begins to diminish as we age. 

Zen Power Serum is rich in peptides, vitamins and hyaluronic acid.
Zen Power Serum is very light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. No artificial fragrances or additives means eliminating irritation and breakouts. Better still, I feel good about using an effective, yet certified organic product on my skin. My skin speaks for itself. Clear, smooth and healthy, NYC makeup artists all tell me I have an amazing complexion.

Zen Power Serum + Zen Face Polish
Zen Face Polish is another key addition to the Sublime Beauty Naturals organic collection. Exfoliation is very important in skincare. If you do not slough off the top dead dermal layers, whatever product you apply may have a hard time being absorbed. The Zen Face Polish is a very fine, non-irritating scrub. It contains soothing oils of Avocado, Coconut and Jojoba so it doesn't leave your skin feeling stripped. I use this scrub about once a week to keep my pores clear. Made with the same microdermabrasion crystals, (Aluminum Silica or Bauxite) used in professional spas. See all of the new Certified Organic skin care products available at

Zen Face Polish is Certified Organic.
Adding Natural, Organic Oils
Once you've taken care of exfoliation and deep hydration, you'll want to include natural, organic oils both inside and out. These days nearly everything we eat is "low-fat" or "no-fat". It might be popular as a marketing tool but the truth is, we need oil in our diet. Likewise in the winter-time when our natural oil production is slowed, applying a little oil to your face at bedtime can make a big difference in moisture retention.

Natural oils to boost your skin's moisture levels
Zen Pure Essential Oil Blends
These are pure, jojoba oil based essential oil blends. Certified Organic, these can be added to your skincare regimen or products with ease. The Zen De-Stress has calming chamomile, lavender and neroli (orange blossom oil). The oils in this blend are perfect for topping off your favorite serum for a restful night's sleep. 

Vacationing in The Hamptons

Likewise the Immune Boost is the perfect travel companion. It contains Eucalyptus, Oregano, Cinnamon and Clove oils, all known to be effective against bacteria and viruses. Add a few drops to your bath water once you check into your hotel to give your immune system an extra boost.

My essential oil blends came with me on my trip to The Hamptons. (Montauk Point, LI)

Pure Organic Sesame Oil
Sesame Oil can be used medicinally as well as nutritionally. Many people are discovering the benefits of oil pulling for improved oral care. However, I like to add this delicious Sesame Oil to my smoothies and dishes. It has a superior nutty flavor and blends easily into most everything: pancakes, stir-fry, shakes and more.  Sesame Oil is loaded with Omega fatty acids and can help give your skin that glow from within. Used topically, it helps seal in the moisture often lost from indoor heating and dry winter air. Visit

Nutty, delicious, organic sesame oil.
New Nutritional Supplements for Beautiful Skin
Along with the Certified Organic Sesame Oil, I like to include other nutrients to support the ceramides, hyaluronic acid and collagen levels in my skin.

Key supplements to try for glowing skin this winter.
Neocell Derma Matrix Collagen Skin Complex comes in an easy to mix, tasteless powder.  This product contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and Amla fruit extract which helps protect against cell-damaging free radicals. Along with their Beauty Bursts, this has become one of my favorite Neocell products. See more collagen supporting supplements at  

Hyaluronic Acid - Blueberry Liquid
Neocell Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid is a delicious liquid supplement which can be added to most anything: shakes, tea, juices, etc. It is a very fast acting liquid. An added benefit is that it not only increases skin's natural moisture, it helps keep your joints lubricated. My knees and ankles no longer hurt after running a 5 or 10k race and I can feel the difference if I skip taking it for too long. Each bottle gives you 32 servings. Visit

Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides
Sublime Beauty Phytoceramides
Just like hyaluronic acid and collagen, ceramides are natural components of healthy, young skin. The ceramides in this formulation are derived from rice with added vitamins A, C, D and E. All you need is one capsule per day, (I usually take mine in the morning). The gelatin caps are very easy to swallow. See all the new organic skincare and beauty products now from

Traveling with my essential skincare products.

Sun Care Over the Winter Months
Please keep in mind that winter means continuing with your sunblock everyday. I like Dr. Obaggi's Solar Shield SPF 50 Matte sunscreen and wear it under my makeup daily. During Cruise and Resort Season, be sure to pack your sunscreen along with your swimsuit.

Obagi's Solar Shield SPF 50 Sunscreen

The rays may be a little less intense this time of year but cumulative sun damage adds up over time. Consider wearing a wool hat with a slight brim or a wool fedora this winter. This will give you more coverage than let's say, a knit hat.

A small brim on your hat can make a big difference.

Products & supplements c/o the manufacturers so included herewith.


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