Monday, November 2, 2015

Fall Fashion: Apple Picking Time with Figi Designer Jeans, Erimish Stacked Bracelets and Ovan Eye Wear

Fall orchard and vineyard tours with Figi Jeans,  Erimish Stacked Bracelets and Ovan Eye wear.
If you are like me and really enjoy the cool snap in the fall air, you'll want to be ready for apple picking and vineyard tours. I covered how to pack for these outings HERE 

Now, lets put together an outfit that works in the vineyard and back in the tasting room. This is the perfect selection for a Thanksgiving Dinner invitation as well.

Chic comfort: Figi Jeans white cotton tee shirt & Carve Designs wool jacket.
You can definitely rock a white tee shirt and jeans for the fall but top it off with a pretty blue wool jacket like this one from Carve Designs. Fully lined with slit pockets, it is the perfect grab and go topper for fall. 

Fully lined wool jacket by Carve Designs of CA

Figi Artist Designer Jeans & Tee
Under my wool jacket, I'm wearing a soft cotton Milky Way scoop necked, designer tee from Figi Jeans. The print compliments the hand painted European cut jeans I'm wearing. So beautiful! This is their relaxed fit, Explosive Star design which has just a touch of stretch. Both the tee and jeans are designed and made in the USA by Figi Jeans.

Figi Jeans Explosive Star detail.

Figi Tee has a longer tail

Leather Motorcycle Booties complete the look.

Figi white cotton Milky Way Scoop Neck designer tee.

Fall Accessories
Dark, tortoise shell framed eye wear like these from Ovan by Lofn are perfect for sunny autumn days. I also added a bit of unexpected sparkle with these newly released fall stacks from the Erimish Bracelet Bar.  These bracelets are easy to wear and add a bit of interest to any outfit.

Erimish Stacked Braclets and Ovan Tortoise Shelled Framed Sunglasses

Ovan Eye Wear, Erimish Stacked Bracelets

Fashions and accessories c/o the designers included herewith.


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    1. Fantastic! Hear that guys? Include the code: BestPicks to your order and get 30% off your order until the end of the year. As you can see, these jeans and tees are ultra posh and perfect for travel and the holidays.


      Dr. M