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Destination Beach Wedding with Carve Designs, Carrie Dunham, Naturalizer Shoes

Attending a tropical, destination wedding? Here are some beach-worthy outfits and accessories to pack.
SOMEWHERE WARM AND SUNNY Whether you are the bride or a bridesmaid, a destination wedding or anniversary celebration is definitely in your not too distant future. Wedding season may be in full swing but here's how to get ready for beach nuptials plus all the dinners and outings these invitations often include. First check out how to get ready for your flight using my super streamlined packing list by reading: "What's in My Resort Bag?"

Getting Your Beach Body Back
Summer is HERE so look for not only those beach wedding invites but pool parties, trips to the shore and water sports such as kayaking and boating. A really quick way to get in shape is to do Dry Body Brushing at least 3x per week. Long strokes with a firm boar bristle brush followed by an application of Cellulite Whisperer Gel and Lotion by Sublime Beauty will shape you up in about 2 weeks. Get some extra exercise too. Walk about 3 hours total per week and cut down on the saturated fat.

Dry Body Brushing =big results! Sublime Beauty's Cellulite Whisperer & Wilma Schumann Algae Contouring Soap.
Bronzed & Buffed
You can go the salon spray tan route but I prefer Fake Bake Tanning Butter and Tinted Body Glow. Both formulas are very moisturizing and give a beautiful, natural tan. I also like Australian Gold SprayGel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer which has a SPF of 30. This product is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and contains both tea tree and olive oils as well as aloe. Protect your face with something like Yes to Cucumbers, Calming Moisturizer - SPF 30 or Obagi Medical's Hydra-Factor which also has SPF 30. Always remember to wear your sunglasses for all outdoor events.

Air travel can take the moisture out of your skin
Your Plane Trip
Staying Moist is easy with Wilma Schumann European Skin Care Hydrating Facial Mist. At under 3 ozs, it is the perfect size to take on your flight and combat dry cabin air. 

Stay moist and protected in the summer sun.
Summer Outfit Ideas-Because Life's a Beach
What do you bring when you may be spending days on the sand and nights on the town? It's easier than you think and won't mean emptying your closet into your suitcase! Bring the basics and switch up your look with accessories.

Expect to attend bridal and anniversary luncheons. The Cooper-West Palm Beach

The first outfit is The Gansett Dress by Carve Designs of California and will take you from the beach to shopping or even lunch. The Pebble Leather Tote is by designer Carrie Dunham. Looks much more posh than a rustic tote but is fully lined in nautical striped fabric. The Sag Harbor and Nantucket ladies do lunch like this. Fabulous!

Gansett Dress in color Anchor Bali by Carve Designs, CA

Leather Bag by Carrie Dunham, Dahnny Sandals by Naturalizer
Switch it Up with a Cover Up!
Here's how a few accessories can change up this Gansett Dress. I've topped this sweet frock with the Lagoon Tunic in White with Anchor details. This works for blocking a bit of sun and keeping off the chill when the sun goes down or when you encounter AC. Looks like a completely different outfit layered this way so be sure to pack both.

The Lagoon Tunic changes up this whole outfit.
Your Evening Out
An easy way to transition from a day at the beach to dinner out is to bring a maxi dress. This Maxi Tank Dress is made of 100% Pure Organic Cotton and is the softest dress I own. Made by Indigenous, it is fully lined and so easy to wear. You will feel extremely elegant in a longer dress like this.

Maxi Tank Dress by Indigenous

Take Cover
One thing I was happy to have brought when I visited West Palm Beach last month was a little cover up. Just the thing for going out to dinner in air conditioned restaurants or for taking a walk at sunset. Some of my favorite toppers are those made by Carve Designs

Stylish yet comfy evening outfit.

Get one in WHITE and it will top most any and everything you'll wear this summer. Here, I'm wearing The Anderson Cardigan by Carve Designs while going to dinner. It can be draped over the shoulders as a shawl. Tres chic!

Anderson Cardigan tops my Maxi Tank Dress in style.

Indigenous Maxi Tank Dress in Organic Cotton
Shoes & Bag
I purchased these beautiful yet comfortable coral sandals by Sofia-Z Natalia Designer Shoes for dressier evenings out. Despite the  5 inch heels, they are reasonably easy on your feet. I paired these shoes with my Dsenyo Fair Trade Adriana Clutch with lovely woven floral textures.

Dsenyo Clutch & Sofia-Z Designer Sandals

Summer Beach Accessories
A straw hat like the one in the lead photo from Pistil Designs and sunglasses are obvious choices. Your jewelry can be cool jade, tan and white leather with rose gold. My jewelry choices for this shoot were more aquatic, natural and organic. Follow these points and you will be so ready for that upcoming beach wedding, trip or vacation as you can mix and match these outfits into several stunning looks.

Summer beach accessories take a cue from nature. 

Philip Stein Bracelet & Daniel Wellington Classic Ladies Watch

Garments c/o Carve Designs and Indigenous respectively.
Dahnny Leather Sandals c/o Naturalizer Shoes available at Lord & Taylor and Nordstrom's
On Location Set Design & Photography by Magda
Makeup: Kett Cosmetics

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