Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Parade of Fashion

Saint Patrick's Day 2015 
I was honored to again be asked to march in a Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Freehold, New Jersey! We always have a great time and although it was VERY windy, my bonnet stayed put. Other hats were blowing in the breeze such as the one that had to be retrieved by the gentleman behind me in the above photo!

My outfit inspiration? Downton Abbey with 1920's British Isles styling. After all, St. Patrick was born in England. Here's what I'm wearing: French Cloche wool felt hat with gold buckle. Trench Coat in the color Cigar by ExOfficio. Raynia Leather Pumps by Earthies. My bag is a Python Leather Satchel by Helmer. On my green "Kiss Me I'm Irish" sash, I wore a gold Celtic Jeweled Pin.

I was very warm and comfortable despite the cooler than normal temperatures this year and wind chill. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone!  PHOTO courtesy of NJ.com

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