Wednesday, February 18, 2015

FashionXTech New York Fashion Week After Parties with Project Runway Designer

Meeting with fashion designer Anthony Ryan Auld, Grand Prize Winner of Project Runway

New York Fashion Week 2015
One of the most fun things about Mercedes Benz Fashion Week are the after parties where models, designers and journalists get to mix and mingle in a more relaxed atmosphere. So there is more to a fashion show than what you see presented on the runway.

I was invited to FashionXTech's VIP Cocktail Party at the Tender Lounge on 47th. They picked us up after the shows at Lincoln Center Plaza with The RIDE, a crazy cool tour bus with stadium seats! Traveling from Lincoln Center along 9th Avenue, we went to pick up our host designer, Anthony Ryan Auld before going to the party.

Anthony boarding The RIDE in route to the after party.
So the celebration officially got started on thetour bus as we were entertained by our host Katlean DeMonchy of CNN and fashion designer Anthony Ryan Auld, Grand Prize Winner of the hit television series, Project Runway. Anthony shared his unique style tips and said: "It's all in how you put it together" meaning you can combine pieces from various fashion outlets to put together an amazing outfit. This was the first ever New York Fashion Week Mobile Lounge and it was a fantastic way to make use of our time while in route to shows and events. The RIDE has a killer sound system, pulsating multi-colored lights, 24 plasma screens with floor to ceiling windows to take in all the street action as well.

Anthony gives some useful insider secrets and fashion advice.
Once we arrived at the Tender Lounge on 47th street (between 6th & 7th Avenues), we were all warmed up for the cocktail party. There were floating hot horderves, asparagus risotto, mineral water and flavored vodkas. I had a chance to talk with Katlean and Anthony one on one as well as other journalists, photographers and VIP attendees.

New York Fashion Week Party People

Busy bartenders at the VIP Cocktail Party

Lovely runway models Ammalie Overbeck (L) and Bo 'T Jong (R) 

Jennifer Suh, VP of Snowman NYC

Active big screen showing our real-time Tweets from NY Fashion Week.

We also got to see some pretty tricked out Brother sewing machines. Brother is the official sewing machine for Project Runway and the embroidering work these new machines can do is simply amazing. 

We all received really sweet Goodie Bags with lifestyle items such as:  Coco-Mat Sachet and Slippers,Insomnia CookiesChic BudsBigT NYC,  BARE New YorkGirlyGoGarter, p.i.a. pouch and electronic accessories like the pink portable Razor Plus phone charger by MyCharge.

Special thanks to FashionXTech and The RIDE NYC for providing transportation to and from the shows and hosting us at the Tender Lounge after party. Thank you also to all the sponsors who contributed to the Swag Bag for this event.

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