Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Picnic - Entertaining Outback

GSI's Sierra Table Set in rustic blue porcelained enamelware
I love summer picnics in the park! If you are not up to doing a full on luncheon, tea and biscuits with a little fruit and cheese are easy to do. I've packed my wicker picnic hamper with a 12 piece table set that is very durable yet lovely for outdoor living.

GSI Sierra Table Set
I can remember seeing enamelware in my Grandmother's kitchen when I was a little girl. It lasted forever and was quite easy to clean. GSI Outdoors has a beautiful enameled table set for four with a coffee cup, soup bowl and dinner plate. You are definitely not roughing it with a set like this but I can still imagine sitting around a campfire being served by "Cookie" from the chuck wagon! 4 bowls, 4 plates, 4 cups, no waiting. It's time to ditch those plastic and paper plates.

GSI Sierra Porcelained Enameled Table Set and Teapot
Porcelained Enameled Teapot
This little teapot is perfect for camping, road trips and picnics as it also comes in the pretty blue just like the tableware set. I like the red because it stands out a bit but still has the speckled texture of the service set. Wooden handle stays in place and can be used on a camp cook stove (see below), a grill or over live coals.

Trangia Stove with fuel tank for outdoor cooking. Tea & Drip Coffee Pots
As you can see, the GSI Outdoors Tea Pot fits perfectly on my Trangia Stove. This is a Primus gas burner so it's very similar to cooking on your gas range at home. It has an even, blue flame and is adjustable via the regulator. The Trangia set has a small tea pot which I really like and is perfect for backpacking because it's very compact. Still I would prefer the larger red teapot for a picnic because I've often run out of hot water with the smaller kettle.

Outback Tea and Coffee!
Stainless 3 Cup Perc
This is an ultra compact but quite rugged stainless steel percolator. It reminds me of one that my mom had and used for years. Campfires, grills and cook stoves can get seriously hot and you may not have your favorite oven mitt along. The heat resistant silicone handle on this perc is therefore really important. The top is hinged so no worries about losing the lid and the PercView knob at the top is made from BPA free resin. Coffee is a welcome finish to any outdoor meal or if you are camping, to start your day. Now, here's a little coffee pot small enough to pack along. Put it on some live coals, the camp stove or grill.

Entertaining Outback
I take my wicker picnic hamper with me for picnics and especially when we've stayed at our cabin in woods. All of the service-ware fits neatly inside and I pack my cook stove and fuel so we need not start a fire the first night unless we want to. If you have the cooking and serving right pieces, it's easy to do. To see more picnic and camping gear for your best summer ever, visit online. 

Enjoying a picnic at the cabin!

Table Set, Coffee & Teapot c/o GSI Outdoors

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