Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baked Goods - NEW Fake Bake Self Tanner Bronzer and Mistifier Plus Australian Gold

Just in time for SUMMER!  New Fake Bake Bronzers and Oil Free Mistifier.
When it comes to faux tanning, I think I've been a bit spoiled because for years I've used a professional air brush with tanning solutions. So, it took quite some time to find a rub on product that comes anywhere near that. Air Brush tanning is very even in application and will last for about a week depending on the solution, how often you shower and exfoliate.

My AirStar Spray Tan Compressor
Fake Bake
FB is perhaps one of the better self tanning products out there. I've used the drug store Jergens products but they never really came close to the depth of color of my air brushed tan. So as I said before, I'm some what of a hard sell for these rub on products. All of the Fake Bake products I tested come with a pair of gloves to protect your palms. I saw that as a really good sign! They are good quality gloves and I just wash them as I would my hands, dry and then reuse them.

New Formula Beyond Bronze Self Tan Lotion
FB Beyond Bronze Self Tan Lotion
This was by far my favorite of all self tanning lotions. Perhaps the reason why is because it most resembles the spray tan formula used in my air brush compressor. This new UK formula Beyond Bronze is very liquid but not overly runny. You can see it on my hand, it's almost like melting Jello. It is very dark but spreads very evenly and leaves a beautiful, natural tan color, not unlike what I usually get from the sun. It gives you an immediate glow but darkens over time. Exfoliate first before application and apply at night for a longer lasting tan.

Golden Faux Glo Bronzer Matte Medium Instant Tan Lotion Wash - Off
FB Golden Faux Glo Bronzer Matte Medium Instant Tan Lotion Wash - Off
This is a wash off product for face and body. This would be good for a quick bronzing of tan color but it's a one shot deal. It will not darken over time like the Self Tan Lotion. Comes with gloves just like the Self Tan product but washes off with soap and water. This is good for editorial work when I have an outdoor shoot early in the season. This would not be a good choice for a day at the beach or pool but it definitely works for a night out on the town or to even out previous tan lines.

FB Oil Free Mistifier Moisturizing Body Spray

FB Oil Free Mistifier Moisturizing Body Spray 
Once you've got your glow on, don't try to apply oil based moisturizers. The oil undermines the tanning additives, stripping them away from the skin. The result can be a patchy, streaky mess! I thought this was pretty clever. Fake Bake Oil Free Mistifier Moisturizing Body Spray to top off your newly faux tanned skin. A little goes a long way as this ginger - aloe based spray also contains glycerine and Vitamin E. If you really want to amp up the glow, top everything off with some Hard Candy Glow All the Way made with 24K gold. It is an instant bronze and gradual self tanner in one but it does not get you anywhere near as dark as the Fake Bake. See all of Fake Bake's New Products at 

Fake Bake is the closest to the professional airbrush tanning solutions I use.
Sun Protection
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that none of the aforementioned products offer SPF or UPF protection. You may look fabulously tanned but your skin is still very much at risk without solar protection. So be smart and use a sunblock when heading outdoors. I tried a new product from Australian Gold which contains Kona Coffee infused bronzers and has a SPF of 50. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes so you can enjoy some pool time. It is not a dark self tanner but it is made with aloe so it won't strip your other products either. See more of their new sun-care products at 

Australian Gold 50 Lotion Sunscreen. New Eyewear from the Converse All Star Line

Skincare products c/o Fake Bake

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