Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fashion Avenue Style - Bocca Di Bacco's New Chelsea Location

Bocca di Bacco 7th Ave. Grand Opening party.

Chelsea, NYC I'd have to say that Chelsea is one of my favorite NYC neighborhoods as we've been attending the Ice Theatre of NY's Benefit Gala at Chelsea Piers for a number of years. This upscale part of Manhattan has its own vibe and style so I was excited to attend the grand opening of Bocca di Bacco's (Mouth of Baccus - the Roman god of wine) new 7th Ave. location. Formerly known as IL Bastardo, this central location has now become the fourth Bocca Di Bacco restaurant in NYC.

Front bar and flowering trees of Bocca di Bacco
BDB Chelsea
I really like the cozy decor and rustic exposed brick of this spacious bar and Italian restaurant. We got the chance to sample some delicious hot hor dourves & appetizers being passed around at the party: Pizza Bites, fried rice balls will mozzarella & marinara sauce and savory stuffed mushrooms were some that we especially enjoyed. BDB is known for their feast-like weekend brunches now called IL Bastardo Brunch at Bocca di Bacco. Hailed also for their delicious selection of Italian wines and specialty cocktails, we enjoyed one of their concoctions called the "Butterfly" made with fig flavored Vodka and Champagne.

BDB's signature "Butterfly" with fig flavored Vodka and champagne.
BDB Wine & Dine
The new 7th Ave. location has a lot of room with three distinct areas for dining, cocktails and private parties. The Grand Opening event was very crowded and held all the way at the back of the restaurant. It has its own bar, DJ area and a middle section for dancing where I saw a few attendees really getting into the music!

Grand Opening party at BDB
There are a lot of comfortable spots to meet and eat at this 7th Ave. location so if you want to find a little corner to be alone, you can. Still it seats well over 400 guests. The decor is rustic and provincial giving it old world charm without being pretentious.

Table for 4 in the main dining area at BDB
Chelsea Style
Chelsea is the apex of downtown urban chic but you can see many fashion styles represented at BDB. After all, it is located on Fashion Avenue! It is informal enough to make you feel at home but you would not feel out of place if you came dressed for cocktails. So what was I wearing to this Grand Opening event?

Moro Designer Jewelry: Fish in Rose Gold Necklace

The evening's outfit and accessories c/o the following designers:

Alyssa Dress by NYC fashion designer Nora Gardner
Crystal Cocktail Watch by NYC fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi

Vintage Gold Leather Clutch with Jeweled Clasp

Alyssa Dress by NYC designer Nora Gardner.
We would love to come back for the IL Bastardo Brunch at Bocca di Bacco or a sumptuous dinner but want to thank the restaurant and their staff for inviting and accommodating us at this amazing Grand Opening event. Visit BDB online for their extensive Italian menus, delivery service and wine lists at Bocca di Bacco


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