Friday, April 25, 2014

Elizabeth Arden's NEW Rx Line: Triple Protection Factor SPF 50

NEW! Elizabeth Arden Rx Line
NYC, NY  As you may already know, I'm a great fan of EA's 8 Hour Cream which I've reviewed HERE partly due to its huge cult following among cosmetologists and makeup artists. Elizabeth Arden is evidently keeping up with the times as I was really excited to see her new Rx skincare line includes a substantial sunscreen and antioxidants in the formula.

NEW Triple Protection Factor SPF 50 (TPF 50)
One of the things I've stressed in my health and fitness books is to protect your skin when engaging in outdoor activities. It really shocks me to see women go in for all sorts of cosmetic procedures and anti-aging creams but completely forget to wear sunscreen daily. Don't let this be you! EA's NEW TPF 50 solves a lot of beauty issues in one shot as it is also the perfect BB cream to wear under your makeup.

TPF 50 Price: $56 for a 50ml airless cylinder.
Antioxidants & Enzymes
TPF 50 is a rich formula containing a DNA Complex, a highly potent protein based Antioxidant Complex PLUS a physical sunscreen with 50+ broad spectrum UV protection. I use Retin-A for acne and must wear sunblock year round. My skin is on the oily side so most sunscreens (even those for the face) are far too greasy to the point of causing my makeup to slide off. Ugh! I've been wearing the TPF 50 every day this week under all types of foundations and cosmetics. I really like how it balances my skin's moisture as it absorbs very quickly. Its sheer color works with any skin tone and is quite a bit lighter than Dr. Patricia Wexler's Tinted Moisturizer which only has a SPF of 30.  Here is the EA TPF 50 swatched on the underside of my wrist.

EA's TPF 50 swatched on the underside of my wrist.
Long Term Benefits
If your skin has been sun damaged in the past, the sunscreen in the TPF 50 alone could go a long way to restoring some of your skin's elasticity and smoothness. I've never been one for going to the beach and laying out in the sun every summer (although I still like to catch a few rays in our backyard pool), I saw a major improvement in my skin just by giving my "deep tan" a rest. With the added antioxidants and DNA Enzyme Complex contained in the TPF 50, I believe that sun damage reversal and healing will be greatly accelerated. I like the way the formula melts into my skin with NO greasy residue or shine. It does not settle into small facial lines and works very well with a variety of serums and primers.

Wearing IT! TPF SPF 50 is the perfect makeup base.
Wearing IT!
I really like how this formula feels on. The photo above was taken in the afternoon with no touch-ups or blotting. My skin feels perfectly balanced with no oily sheen or breakthrough. Better still is the confidence I feel knowing my skin is properly protected from the sun and free radicals in the environment. The link between sun damage, premature skin aging and non melanoma skin cancer are clear. Now you can take steps to avoid all that with one easy to wear product.

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Skincare products c/o Elizabeth Arden, NYC

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