Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skin Perfect: NEW Moisture Blur Primer by L'Oreal Paris

New from the RevitaLift Collection - Moisture Blur is blurring the lines!
Paris-France Spring is here and most of us are ready for lighter clothes, shoes and makeup. The only thing is the challenge of sporting a fresh, natural look can mean showing your skin for what it is: uneven, full of large pores & acne scars. I've pretty much found my Holy Grail of primers, namely L'Oreal's Miracle Blur which I use in practically every photo shoot. Still that didn't stop me from trying something new from the same line. Oh, so glad I did!

Moisture Blur - Moisturizer + Primer
It's no secret now that red carpet stars like Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo) are in love with Miracle Blur. I liked it when it first came out over a year ago and was one of the first to use and review it. The original formula tends to get a bit dry and stiff in the tube.  It also separated so I've learned not to stock up as age does not improve this product's application. The newer Moisture Blur however seems a bit softer/creamier perhaps because of the addition of moisturizers.

Moisture Blur is creamier than the original Miracle Blur
What's the Difference?
Moisture Blur, as the name implies, has 24hour moisturizers built into the product in addition to the line filling primer action. It is also easier to apply than the original Miracle Blur. On the downside, Moisture Blur DOES NOT have sun protection factors like the original Miracle Blur which has a SPF of 20. This is not really a deal breaker for me because I use a dedicated sunblock no matter what. My sunblock goes on BEFORE my primer and the new one I'm using from G.M. Collin does not interfere with my makeup at all. See: The Top New Sunscreens for Spring-Summer

Less is more. Try a lighter makeup touch for spring.

The Results - Photo Ready Skin
Oftentimes I have to be on location at very short notice for a promotional appearance or photo shoot. The bigger magazines and TV Stations have hair and makeup artists on the set to get you ready. However, to save time and make sure my foundation matches, I'll often take care of that at home via an airbrush (Kett Cosmetics specifically). Using Moisture Blur is a major step up from the Miracle Blur primer because I don't have to remember to apply tons of moisturizer. In fact in the photos above and below, I'm only wearing MitoQ Advanced AntiOxidant Moisturizer under the Moisture Blur. MitoQ is super intense and light, leaving no residue as it sinks completely into the skin. It also helps even out and correct sun spots and freckles due to UV damage.

Moisture Blur offers 24hour hydration.
The Wrap
Suffice it to say, I'm really pleased with the application and all day hydration of Moisture Blur. My pores and acne scars are nicely hidden and after using it on my lids, my eye shadow went on easier as well. My skin is generally oily so winter time makes it just about right. As the weather warms up, I'll see if the Moisture Blur is too heavy or not, however I think it will be fine. You really can't feel it on your skin! I all of these photos I am wearing:

MitoQ Advanced AntiOxidant Moisturizer
Moisture Blur
Lancome Teint Miracle in Bisque (W) 
HourGlass Nectar Lip Gloss
Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss
Victoria's Secret Brightening Highlighter
Bare Minerals Top Shelf Eye Duo
Sephora's Color Proof Eyeliner in Navy Blue
Physician's Formula Bronzer

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