Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts - Stone Guitar Pick Necklace - Martin Acoustic Guitar

A Valentine's Day gift for YOU to share with HIM! Polished stone guitar picks by artist Greg M. Atkin
Now available via Etsy- This Valentine's Day - is for Music Lovers! I have the perfect gift for you to share with your guitarist guy-friend or your Taylor Swift-like self.  See Stone Guitar Picks featured at The New Eclectic Sound Experience

Jewelry & Guitar Pick combined. Stone Guitar Picks

Why Stone Picks Rock
These natural Agate stone guitar picks are cut and polished for wear as a necklace and use as a guitar pick. Change them up to mix or match your outfit. Artists and Writers have used Agate stones over the centuries to enhance and inspire creativity. Offer one to that cute guitarist on stage you've been flirting with after the concert! Either way, these make a statement and are great conversation starters not to mention cool guitar picks. 

Change the assorted Stone Picks to mix or match with your outfit.

Crafted by musician and artist Greg M Atkin, these are available now at Artisan Studio Works Etsy website. These sweet-hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day and will remind you of your love of music every time you wear and use them. Smoothly polished and translucent, they make the perfect "working" accessory. See more styles and artistic gifts by visiting Artisan Studio Works Online.

Gift Boxed for Valentine's Day or a Birthday!

Acoustic Guitar-Martin Standard Series
If you've always wanted to learn how to play guitar, THIS is the year to do it! The best advice I can give is to purchase a really good guitar that you can grow into. This is because nothing will discourage progress more than trying to tune and play a "toy" guitar. If you look at all of the music greats, most brought the best instrument they could afford. Here quality will trump quantity. Get ONE good guitar and play it to death!

My Martin HD-28 is what I perform with.
Martin HD-28
C. F. Martin & Co. is the oldest guitar manufacturer in the U.S. now into their 6th generation as a family owed factory. Located in Nazareth PA, you can stop by the Martin Factory for a free guided tour and see how these iconic guitars are made. At the end of the tour, you can even play as many guitars as you'd like in the "Pickin' Parlor".

The HD-28 is a "working guitar". It is very lovely to look at with it's Herringbone boarder but tough and made for the road. When I perform, I like to take this guitar as it has an on board pickup installed so I can plug into a guitar amp on stage. Unplugged (like MTV!), it goes anywhere with it's Sitka Spruce top and Rosewood back & sides. It is very loud even without an amp so play it at your next party, a friend's house or outing. Who knows? You could launch a whole new career.

Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar

6th Generation owner, Chris Martin and me at the Martin Guitar Factory

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