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Fashion Week - Runway Makeup Secrets with KETT Liquid Metals #MBFW #MBFWB

Backstage runway makeup secrets from Fashion Week! Kett Cosmetics Liquid Metals
Lincoln Center, NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Fashion Week is off and running in NYC this week so I'm going to share some hot trends and makeup tips from some of the top runway shows. After all, the world is YOUR runway. People are going to stare so give them something to look at! Here's the latest word on the catwalk: Metallics  Now don't get scared off thinking this is totally for the theatre (Phantom of the Opera at that). No, you can bring the drama everyday. Here's how to get my look of bold gold:

Kett Cosmetics Liquid Metals
At first, these freaked me out and I said, "Gorgeous, but I don't think I could wear those...WRONG!" Using the Kett Jett Airbrush System, you can build the intensity you want and even mix these Liquid Metals with their Hydro Foundation for a more muted effect. Closely related are the Kett Shimmers which I mix into my Hydro Foundation for my face as well. In the photo below, I am wearing only two Liquid Metal colors, (you get six in a set): Stardust and Gold Rush. I don't like tugging and pulling on my eyelids so airbrushing offers a quick, flawless application. Even so, Liquid Metals can be applied with or without an airbrush.

Prep and Prime (Sort Of)
I spend more time and products prepping my skin than adding layers of primer which for me only bead up, roll off or look cakey (sometimes all three)! What I do is treat myself to G. M. Collin's Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch and pop them on for 20 minutes. They soften the under-eye area but I also put them on my eyelids. After that I use Embroylisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye Balm 
I don't know how they do it but it is so cool on contact and instantly diminishes any puffiness or dark circles. That's basically it! I use a tiny touch of Miracle Blur on the lids but the Liquid Metals go on so smoothly with NO creasing or lines that you don't need much.

Embryolisse Radiant Eye and GM Collin Instant Radiance eye prep.
Airbrushing Kett's Liquid Metals
I like to do my foundation first and my eyes last. This is so the eye makeup has a little something to adhere to, that is my Kett Hydro Foundation. I take the longer edge of a moist makeup sponge wedge and angle it out from the corner of my eye. I add about 3 drops of the Liquid Metal of choice, (usually the darkest color of the two) and do my crease. Next I top my lids and inner corners of my eyes with the lighter color for highlight, in this case Stardust. I use a little extra on the tops of my cheeks, forehead and nose. It dries quickly and is not going anywhere until you take it off. The Liquid Metals are a modified version of the Hydro Foundation, so it is incredible from outdoor photo shoots to the hot lights of the runway. It won't easily transfer to your clothes when changing either. To see the full line of Kett Cosmetics and pro makeup artist tools, visit online

The finished Look...Black Elf Shimmer Eyeliner and Mary Kay Mascara
The Finished (Daytime) Look
This is more of a daytime look just to show that the Liquid Metals can also rock a natural, understated vibe.  

Eyes: I use a Black Elf Shimmer Eyeliner along the outer 3/4 of my eyes, including the upper and lower watermark. I curl my eyelashes and add mascara. If I'm walking or doing promotional modeling, I wear false eyelashes.

Lips: Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss Shimmering Lip Gloss is like a nude shimmer and adds a bit of polish to the look. Made in France and infused with 24K gold, it makes the perfect topper to darker shades of lip color as well. 
Skin: Something new which also has 24K gold is Orogold Exclusive Nano Silk Serum. It is a waterless formula rich in fruit and plant extracts along with the benefits of gold which has been used by Egyptian, Roman and Chinese cultures throughout history. I love how it feels and completely disappears into the skin. I'm golden!

Metallic Accents: China Glaze, butterLondon and Orogold Serum

Metallic Accents for Spring 2014
butterLONDON and China Glaze offer some beautiful metallic accents to the overall look. I just read in my February 2014 Issue of Harper's Bazaar, that Metallic Lids are the NEW Smokey Eye for Spring according to Jason Wu makeup artist, Diane Kendal. She applied brown shadow topped with gold glitter in the center of the lids just for a hint of light when the eyes open. You'll find Kett Liquid Metals and Shimmers definitely on trend this spring!  

 Makeup c/o Kett Cosmetics, NYC

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