Monday, January 27, 2014

Your Desk Survival Kit

Keep these survival essentials in your desk and car to be ready for anything!
This is the time of year where people are getting stuck in snowstorms and delayed in traffic. What you need is a Desk Survival Kit that has more than a manicure set. Here are my travel ready office essentials that I take en route to the office and beyond:

1.) First Aid Kits-Smart Travel & Minimergency
I keep a small Ultralight-Watertight .3 Adventure Medical Kit in my cosmetic bag but you should get a larger Smart Travel Kit for the office. It has a full assortment of bandages, first-aid creams and meds. I add my own aspirin and feminine supplies so I'm always prepared.

Smart Travel First Aid Kit for the Office and Trips
Minimergency by Pinch Provisions
The "Her-mergency" mini kit in this NEW red and gold candy striper pattern is so complete! It packs 17 essential womanly must-haves in a very tiny case: Hairspray, emery board, tampon, lip balm, clear elastics, stain remover, nail polish remover pad, deodorant towelette, earing backs, safety pin, adhesive bandage, pain reliever, double sided tape, breath freshener, mending kit, dental floss and clear nail polish. Measures 3.5" x 2.25" x 2.25.
See more designs and colors at

Packing my Minimergency Kit

2.) Good iCoffee
If you have the luxury of access to your own personal office coffee machine, you should definitely check out the NEW iCoffee Machine by Remington. At home, you can program it the night before to start your brew in the morning as a pleasant alarm clock.

 iCoffee makes THE BEST brewed coffee at home or at the office.

The iCoffee Machine makes the best coffee with no bitter taste due to a unique stir and steam process. No need for paper filters either as it has a golden mesh one built right in.
iCoffee's SteamBrew™ technology is unlike the usual drip brewers and you can use any type of coffee you like.

The iCoffee Machine makes Bistro Cafe quality coffee!

3.) Insulated Drink Container Pour yourself a thermos-full to take in the car and enjoy at the office. My Insulated Klean Kanteen keeps liquids piping hot for more than 6 hours. If you are stuck in traffic or break down, a hot cup of coffee or cocoa can go a long way for warming from the inside out.

My Insulated Klean Kanteen with Cafe Top
4.) Food Thermos & Eating Utensils
Heaven forbid you get stuck in your car or at the office (with the power out). I am very particular about my diet so I often pack my own healthy hot meals to take with me in the car. I got this amazing Stanley 20 oz Insulated Food Container from CampSaver, who is also my favorite outfitter. Fill this bad boy with hot soup, stew or whatever you like. There's a metal "spork" inside the lid so you can eat right out of the container. I also like the Baladero Cutlery Set also from CampSaver, that has: spoon, fork, cork screw, knife, can opener and screwdriver all in one!

Hot Won Ton in a Stanley Food Container and compact Baladeo cutlery via

5.) Non-Perishable Foods
Nuts: High in protein, vitamins and minerals, I especially like SunRidge Farms resealable packets of Tamari Almonds, Pistachios and Organic Fancy Walnuts.

Delicious nuts. Don't forget the hand sanitizer!

Complex Carbs: My latest passion are the Corn and Rice Cakes from Element.  Keep a bag in your desk for a quick energy boost and to quiet a growling stomach at about 3pm. My favorite flavors are the Orange Yogurt and Milk Chocolate covered varieties. Yum!

Dark Chocolate Mini Corn Cakes from Element of Italy 

Dried Fruit: I like dried cranberries or Craisins, prunes, apples, etc. All are delicious and offer much needed nutrients and fiber while keeping very well at your desk.

Avenue of the Americas NYC, New York office.

Coffee Brewer c/o (Remington)
Food Container & Cutlery c/o

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