Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies: Savory Presents from Zingerman's

Cheeses of the World delivered to YOUR doorstep from Zingerman's
If you have someone on your Christmas list who just LOVES getting foodie gifts in the mail, Zingerman's has the just the program for you! The happy recipient, (it could also be you), can receive a monthly shipment of savory cheeses and smokey bacon. Becoming a Bacon or Cheese Club Member is easy with Zingerman's.  Starting with the Cheeses of the World:

Cheeses of the World 

The envy of cheese lovers everywhere. Beginner & experienced collections.

There aren’t many cheesemongers in America who put together a cheese selection like this. Few take the time to discover, select, age, care for and cut each cheese to order like we do. All the little steps add up—you really can taste the difference. 
Five cheeses weigh in at about two and a half pounds, serving 18-20. Packed in a wooden gift box with sourdough bread. Instructions for serving and care are included.

The beginner assortment focuses on five great, well-aged versions of familiar cheeses like Farmhouse Gouda and Antique Gruyère.
The experienced assortment gathers more rare and adventurous cheese finds like Comté from Fort St. Antoine and Raw Milk Stichelton.

The olive wood serving board is highly recommended: a beautiful, rustic, paddle-shaped Italian board. Hand made in the province of Liguria, cut across the tree on the bias, rough bark-edged, cured with olive oil. Each is unique.

My favorite cheese? It's a toss up between the NY Cabot Cheddar and the Antique Gruyere which tastes faintly like Swiss but without the holes. These are artisan cheeses often made from the milk of a single farm's herd. Learn how to put together a Cheese Plate Here.

Nothing smells or tastes better than Zingerman's Sour Dough Bread with their tasty cheeses.
Zingerman's Bacon Club
Who doesn't like bacon? Well even if you are your giftee is even mildly infatuated with the stuff, watch it turn into a full blown love affair with Zingerman's Bacon Club! You'll get a college education on the differences between dry and wet cured artisan bacon from small family farms. Comes with a little booklet "A Pocket Book of Bacon" and a large folder describing its history and uses. I used to visit my father's family farm in VA during the summer and they killed their own hogs for ham and bacon. The Wisconsin Applewood Smoked Bacon came the closest but actually even surpassed the down on the farm fare, (sorry cousin May Belle)! I think I'll get this for my friend David Venable over at QVC.

Zingerman's Bacon Club offered The the best bacon I've ever eaten.

Bacon Club
Featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate on the TV Food Network!
It's better with bacon.
Michael Symon, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay. They've all lauded our bacon club. Even vegetarians have joined in: six to date. That's how many I know personally who've fallen off the bandwagon thanks to the bacons from this club. I'm not using that as a proposal for torturing anyone. I'm just saying any food that's so good it can break a strong will has to be worth trying.

We'll ship to the lucky recipient each month, just in time for weekend frying.
New! Each shipment contains 12 to 16 ounces of artisan bacon, bacon stories, histories and recipes. Bonus! Free Bacon Booklet keepsake primer and awesome Pig Magnet with first club shipment.

QVC's Resident Foodie & Bacon Aficionado, David Venable & me!

Food Gifts Are Special
So this year, think outside of the box. Do they really need another sweater or bottle of perfume. Depending on the subscription, the happy recipient can look forward to 3 to 6 months of cheesy-bacony goodness for the year. The booklets and folder of information tells you how to store and care for these specialty food gifts with recipes and serving ideas. Each Christmas I bake and ship loaves of bread, pies and other goodies to my brother in Texas. I know he'll also appreciate specialty foodie gifts like these. Visit Zingerman's Online to see their full line of food gifts of every type.

Cheese and Bacon Gifts c/o Zingerman's, Ann Arbor Michigan

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