Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bringing the Spa Home with Clarisonic and Embryolisse

The Clarisonic display at Sephora, 42nd Street, NYC.

SEPHORA, 42ND ST. NYC: Earlier this year, we were doing a photo shoot in Midtown and stopped by Sephora on our way to Times Square.  They have a really large selection of all things Clarisonic so we went over to the display and saw this cool attachment for the PLUS. If you're not too familiar with the Clarisonic Line of sonic cleansing systems, the PLUS has interchangeable heads for both your face and body.

Clarisonic's Body Brush Extension Handle turns the PLUS into a back brush! Pair it with Embryolisse Soap Free Cleanser and Lait Creme Body Lotion for a full spa treatment.
Clarisonic PLUS
I've had my Clarisonic PLUS for about three years now and I wouldn't be without it. I even take it with me camping! When you snap on the facial brush head, the unit senses this and automatically selects those settings. Pop on the body brush-head and it goes into a 2 minute cycle for the bath or shower.

The Clarisonic PLUS with both the facial and body brush heads.
Sonic Cleansing All Over
The Body Brush Extension Handle just makes the PLUS that much better. Now I can more comfortably reach down to the small of my back, knees, legs and feet. The PLUS easily snaps into the cradle which is angled to more effectively access your back. If you're like me and have acne on your shoulders and back, this brush attachment is a great way to treat it. The handle of the extension is comfortable and easy to grip even with soapy hands.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Moussant (Sans Savon) & Lait-Creme Riche Corps
My Clarisonic PLUS came with several tubes of gentle cleansers which are perfect for traveling. At home, I prefer to use Embryolisse Lait-Creme Soap Free Cleanser.
Since it is soap free, it does not dry your skin or leave a film. Rich in sweet almond oil and shea butter, I just squeeze a little on my wet skin and begin massaging with my PLUS.  This is a multi-tasking cleanser as I've also used it on my face and as a shampoo. It's even gentle enough for use on babies.

Moisturizing After your Spa Treatment
The icing on the cake is going to be your moisturizer. My favorite by far is Embryolisse Lait-Creme Riche CorpsI love the delicate fragrance of sandalwood which is a signature note of this French line. It contains shea butter, oils of sandalwood, cork and barley with vitamin E.  It is SO rich, a little goes a long way especially on moist, freshly cleansed skin. I've been to several day spas and enjoy what they do but you can treat yourself at home EVERYDAY to a facial and body scrub with Clarisonic and Embryolisse!

Body Brush/Attachments & Cleansers-Moisturizers c/o Clarisonic & Embryolisse respectively. 

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