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Makeup Artist Secrets: Kett Cosmetics NEW Fixx Creme Blush and Foundation Palettes

Kett's NEW FIXX Creme Blushes, Cream & Hydro Foundations-Perfect Fall Palettes!
New York, NY NEW FOR FALL! I'm so excited about my favorite foundation line coming out with a NEW product this fall. Kett Cosmetics, NYC is rocking the Makeup Artist world with these amazingly versatile and beautiful FIXX Creme Blushes. These are silky smooth and infused with vitamins and licorice, actually the first cream products I've used on my eyelids that did not crease. They are waterproof and can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips, really everywhere.

Kett FIXX Creme Blushes are waterproof, vitamin enriched and can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips... everywhere!
I generally use Kett's Hydro Foundation and Blush via an airbrush compressor but these new blushes actually do glide over the airbrush application very well. Just wet and squeeze out a Beauty Blender Sponge, (I have Sonia Kashuk's Blender Sponge from Target), and pick up the pigment. According to Makeup Artist Angie Mehlhorn, you can use a little spatula to get a bit out and then dab your Beauty Blender Sponge into the product. I've done this and the finish is really pretty.  Plus you can control the amount of color you want.

Makeup Artist's Secret Weapon: You'll need a Beauty Blender or Blending Sponge like this one from Sonia Kashuk.
I use the flat bottom of the Blending Sponge to apply the FIXX Creme Blush over my cheeks and forehead, anywhere you need a pop of color. If you are using an airbrushed foundation, this will not disturb it and you can build up the color. The result is a beautiful, moist, dewy finish that stays true for hours until you take it off. Airbrush and sponge applications are very light and allow the pigment to sit on top of the skin. You won't see very much oxidation or color change because of it. Be sure to start with a good primer like Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate or for oily skin, their Hydra Mat. This will also keep the makeup on and fresh.

Airbursh or sponge foundation applications: Use Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate or Hydra-Mat as a primer to help keep makeup fresh.
FIXX Creme Foundation Palettes
Another new product for me has been Kett's FIXX Creme Foundations which are waterproof. Even though I have used Kett's Hydro Foundations for outdoor filming, sometimes I need a waterproof product. I was really interested in Creme Foundation to act as a concealer that would not move under my makeup. I used the Neutral Pallet and mixed the two lightest colors and applied them with a foundation blush. 

Kett's FIXX Creme Foundation Palette in Neutral.
My Makeup Routine for Fashion Photo Shoots 
This is what I do to get ready for a fashion photo shoot and is guaranteed bullet proof!

1.) I cleanse my skin with Embryolisse Lait Creme Moussant which is a soap-free, milky cleanser. Prime skin with Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate or Hydra Mat if you are oily.

2.) If I need extra coverage and wear, I add a thin layer of Embryolisse BB Cream. It perfects your complexion before the makeup even goes on. 

Prime Time: My basics for makeup that stays on all day.

3.) Apply Kett FIXX Creme Foundation with a foundation brush around mouth, under eyes and outward towards the temples. Darker shades in the palette can be used for contouring. Blend with a Blender Sponge and set with Elf Translucent powder. If I need anything extra concealed I use Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Hard Candy's Glamoflage.

4.) Apply Kett's Hydro Foundation through an air brush. Hold the gun about 8 inches from your face and spray in small circles. I REALLY like the Kett Jett and it is so portable, I can take it with me on location. Powerful enough to even do a spray tan.

5.) Add the Kett FIXX Creme Blush with the flat bottom of a damp Blender Sponge. The color is buildable so start with a little then add more as needed. The Caicos shade of creme blush is amazing on warm complexions.

The Look: Kett Hydro Foundation and Blush. Elf Black-Shiny Eye Pencil. (NYC Photo Shoot for Craghoppers UK)
Doing Your Eye Makeup
Once my foundation and blush are done, I do my eye makeup. Use a eye makeup primer on the lids and favorite eye makeup is waterproof Sephora Colorproof Eyeliner in Navy Blue and Elf's Shimmer eyeliner pencil. Apply to your upper and lower waterlines. I use Kett's FIXX Creme Makeup in Shade Morocco in the crease. Curl your eyelashes and apply waterproof mascara.    

Waterproof Makeup Removal
Since this is my "photo-shoot look", this waterproof makeup is not going anywhere until you take it off. The eye makeup especially requires a delicate but thorough eye makeup remover. I like Lancome's Effacil Gentle Eye Makeup Remover as it doesn't sting your eyes and does a good job on even waterproof eyeliner. Embryolisse Milky Makeup Removal Emulsion does just as good of a job but has added moisturizers. Just massage a little over your eyelids and face, let it work for about 5 minutes and rinse off. Suitable even for use on babies, it's that gentle.

Embryolisse Lait Creme cleanser and Emulsion Lactee.

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