Thursday, June 27, 2013

Skorting the Issue-Vesper Skort in Lapis by Horny Toad

Ready to ride, walk or run. Vesper Skort in Lapis by Horny Toad.
Summertime means getting out there and having fun...where ever you can find it. That may mean a hike through the woods with lunch afterwards at a little open air cafe.  It could also mean bicycling to a local spot for a picnic or day at the beach.  Where ever you go, I say, look cool and chic!

That's why I was so impressed with this super comfy, stretchy Tencel blend Vesper Skort by Horny Toad.  Here's the garment description from the HT website:

Vesper Skort
For those whose love of a good mini skirt equals their love of travel, play and movement, the Vesper Skort is like an answer to a prayer. Perfect for a game of Frisbee or tennis, a bike ride across town, a round of golf or even a heated Scrabble match, it can also be dressed up and taken out to dinner. Made of our favorite year-round knit blend of silky Tencel®, soft cotton, durable poly and supple spandex, the covered elastic waistband has an internal drawcord and internal shorts have a 3" inseam.

Secrets Under the Skort
I like that the shorts underneath are well constructed and have their own secret pocket in the front for cash, a credit card or energy gel. The fabric is SO soft and I like the way the waistband stays flat without rolling. The fabric does not wrinkle. We did not iron the skort, it was just taken from the bag and put on and as you can see, BOOM!  Easy care, ready to wear after you unpack it.

Bicycling, walking, running, the Vesper Skort's got you covered.
Run Don't Walk
Why limit yourself to spandex shorts on or off the trail or bicycle? There have been times (long in the past mind you), where I've gotten on my bicycle for a training ride but wanted to stop at the coffee shop or market along the way. Walking into a public space with skin tight shorts simply draws WAY too much attention.  With the Vesper Skort You can have all the freedom and comfort of shorts but look very stylish once you finish your workout.  Hey, you never know WHO you'll meet!

Taking along a helmet? GLC's Guilden Carry All can handle it!

So the next time you plan to head out for the usual run or bike ride around town, think about putting on an easy to wear skort like this. You'll definitely turn heads and in a GOOD way!

Vesper Skort in Lapis by Horny Toad. Bicycle Bags by Basil
 Vesper Skort C/O Horny Toad

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