Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shore Pleasures: Carve Designs, Fossil Bags, Mossimo Heels CA Style

Shore Dress and Maddie Button Knit by Carve Designs
Beach glamour from California incorporates a laid back attitude with a real appreciation for the outdoors. They days are warm but as soon as the sun goes down, the party is just getting started. You can transition right from the beach to a local club or dinner with ease. That's why this outfit is so versatile from morning to evening. Here's what's up with this sweet California chic style:

Shore Pleasures - CA Style

Hat: Scala Collezione Cowry Shell Hat - Dorfman-Pacific of CA
Dress: Shore Dress in Orient Blue Carve Designs of CA
Top: Maddie Button Knit in White by Carve Designs of CA
Purse: Vintage Crossbody Bag by Fossil
Shoes: Mossimo Perl Cage High Heel Sandals - Target

Scala Collezion by Dorfman Pacific Hats of CA
A hat can be the perfect friend, keeping the sun off your face and hiding swim hair problems on the beach! I purchased this straw hat in a resort store at Harrods in Atlantic City, NJ. I have several Dorfman Pacific hats but this is the finest straw one I own. Beautifully crafted, it's a must for a day on the beach.
Dorfman-Pacific Hat - California Styling

Shore Dress by Carve Designs of CA
I like the loose, drop-waist look of the Shore Dress and the adjustable drawstring front allows you to pick the length of the spaghetti straps! The waist is likewise subject to your own ideas as it has built in ruching and elastic.  Add a wide belt or a statement necklace like this cloisonne perfume holder below and you can seriously dress it up for a night of clubbing.

Beautiful cloisonne perfume holder statement necklace with Carve Designs Bikini.
Maddie Button Knit
When the sun goes down on Malibu, you can be comfortable and warm. This cover is made of a light and airy knit and can be worn over your swimsuit, Shore Dress or your cut-offs heading out for some ice cream. 100% cotton knit, it has a snap front, two front pockets and fitted sleeves that can be pushed up.  It packs down extremely well so there's no reason to test the night air without cover when the temps dip.

Maddie Button Knit Cover
Crossbody Bag by Fossil
To transition from the shore to the club or dinner is simple by adding a sweet little crossbody bag like this black leather one from Fossil. Just enough room to hold your cell, keys, a few credit cards and a bit of cash, sling it over your Shore Dress and dance the night away!  Small but mighty, it has so many sections and pouches for it's tiny size. This is a vintage bag but the closest current Fossil Crossbody would be the Stanton Women's Traveler below.

This Hinged iPhone case fits in the Fossil bag

Mossimo Perl Cage High Heel Sandals - Target
I picked these up at Target and really liked how great they felt when I first put them on. They are really comfortable for having a heel this high ("4 inch) but what I like is these are a bit edgy in a relaxed way.  The woven caning accents and the zipper in the back is super slick. Not just sexy but it makes getting in and out of the shoe super easy. These are nicely padded in the ball area and just look amazing for a night out. Expect the bouncers at the door to let you in wearing these!

Mossimo Perl Cage High Heel Sandal - Target
Similar to my vintage Fossil Cross Body Bag:

Fossil Stanton Women's Traveler Crossbody

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