Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Market with Basil's Cosa Basket & Vejibag

Basil NL Rear Cosa Basket and Vejibag shopping the Farmer's Market
Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of all of the in season, local produce on display at the Farmer's Market.  Even if you live in New York City, there is a program that allows local New York State growers to set up an open air market in the city limits. At our estate in rural New Jersey, farm stands and one of the largest Farmer's Markets on the east coast are all within cycling distance.  We also have a local Wegmans which carries a lot of fresh and organic produce.

To Market, To Market...
I really enjoy riding my bicycle and going to the farm market is just another excuse to take in the fresh air. That's why I have a Blackburn Rear Rack on my Nishiki Sport Touring Bicycle. It accommodates panniers, carry-alls, handbags and this super sized Basil Rear Cosa Basket. It slides on via a clamp system and locks on tight. The handles fold down and lock to keep the contents from flying out during the ride. Some people like front baskets but there is a lot less wind resistance having one like this on the back. The fact that it is mesh means that any tail lights you have will still be visible but I like to add a blinkie to the back of this basket for extra safety.

The Basil Cosa handles close down to keep your goodies from flying out.
The amazing editor of treated me to a new bag of tricks this season.  There are a lot of vegetable storage bags for your refrigerator but the Vejibag is unique in that it is made of organic cotton.  Much better than plastic, it provides just the right amount of humidity for your vegetables to be totally slime-free until you eat them. I find the Vejibag is also a good idea for storing delicate fruits and vegetables, (berries, pears, carrots, etc.) en route from the market to your kitchen. 

My fruits and vegetables are all fresh and unbruised in the Vejibag

Summer Heat
This is especially so in the summer heat when your grapes can turn to raisins and your plums into prunes in the hot sun! The Vejibag is very simple to use.  Just wet it with cool water, wring it out and place your veggies inside for the trip home. A super way to keep them from bruising from the ride too. Given the right humidity, your vegetables will keep in the Vejibag for more than week with out going slimy.  This makes a lovely hostess gift for your next summer BBQ but be sure to buy a few for yourself before heading out to the Farmer's Market.

So chill!  Summer means the BEST fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. VitaMix 5200 Power Blender


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