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Editor's Choice: Spray and Go Vaseline with Cocoa Butter Review

That's right, plain old Vaseline Petroleum Jelly but with a tropical twist.
I've always been somewhat ambivalent about body lotions. I mean every beauty editor out there (myself included), tells us to moisturize after our bath or shower.  Sounds simple enough but for years, I've not seen much benefit from doing that until now.

Sometimes we over-look the simple, (read inexpensive), options available even if they have been documented to work. I was watching a daytime talk show snip on YouTube. Dr. Oz was interviewing super models like Beverly Johnson who said she has used Petroleum Jelly since she was a child. When they tested her and the other model's skin, they found it was at least 10 years younger than their stated age!

They all spoke of using raw oils both inside and out but the Petroleum Jelly idea stuck with me. I decided to try the new Vaseline with pure cocoa butter and add it to my daily moisturizing routine. I later added up to about 50% pure, Nature's Approved organic extra virgin coconut butter to my jar of cocoa butter infused Vaseline.  Likewise you can enrich nearly any of your favorite products with pure, organic oils.
As Dr. Oz said, most of these raw oils, (used externally and internally), also have antioxidant properties which might explain their ability to help keep you young.

Organic Sweet Almond and Argan Oils via Natural Sourcing
The only change in my after-shower moisturizing routine is to apply my Vaseline-Cocoa Butter- Coconut Oil mixture over my favorite moisturizer. Vaseline in and of itself, seals in moisture, holding it in for many hours so it's like the icing on the cake over a good cream. Over the past few months, I've noticed my skin having a deep, rich glow and suppleness I haven't seen since I was 5! You don't have to do this every day either. If your feet and heels are dryer than the rest of your skin, apply moisturizer, some petroleum jelly and then cover with some wool socks over-night. You will wake up to softer, more dewy skin. Add a few drops of Organic Argan Oil and you have a deep conditioner for your hair. You can do some serious beauty multi-tasking here.

New Spray and Go Moisturizers from Vaseline
I really think they are onto something here, especially with their Cocoa Radiant formula.  Just think of all the hard to reach places you can spray for an all over moisturizing treatment. It actually absorbs very quickly so you can go ahead and get dressed.  The spray smells faintly of a sugar cookie. It's not greasy and offers multi-layer penetration. If you have time for an extra rich treat, top this off with the Vaseline Petroleum with Cocoa Butter. Yum! I also purchased the Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Radiant Lotion in the traditional pump bottle. Same basic formula as the Spray & Go which I think absorbs faster than the pumped cream.
The Cocoa Connection
Cocoa butter naturally contains antioxidants and theobromines which are close relatives to caffeine. This means products with real cocoa butter, (Theobroma cocao) will give your skin a bit of a lift and tightness. If you love chocolate, as I do, this is the moisturizer for you! I use these concoctions on my body, face and hair just like Beverly Johnson.  Obviously it's still working for her!

Cocoa is rich in antioxidants.  Here are cocoa supplements, a pod and beans in their natural state

Petroleum jelly is pretty inert and does not clog the pores despite it's oily rap. Marilyn Monroe was said to have gooped this stuff on before applying her makeup. I don't know about that but it is one of the best makeup REMOVERS I know of. Even when you add natural oils to the mix, PJ is still a lot less expensive yet more effective than many other moisturizing products.

Dr. Marie J. Miczak - Health & Fitness Author - Editor

The Secret of Staying Young
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