Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Shades: Prada, Ray-Ban, Transitions & Guess Sunglasses & Eye Wear

Transitions Lenses - Rain or Shine they automatically react with just the right amount of tint. Lena Cap & Muse Scarf by Pistil Designs. Coat by Free People.
Spring is such a challenge for eye wear, especially in the NYC area. Sunny one minute, shadows or rainy the next. Those sorts of conditions can mean taking your shades off and on all day. If you don't bring a hard case along, you risk breaking, cracking or scratching them.

Transitions Photochromatic Lenses
These lenses can be placed in your favorite frames and constantly adjust to changing light conditions.  Bright to dark and everything in between.  I have worn Transitions Lenses for at least 15 years and have no squint lines or cataract formations from being unprotected from the sun. This is perhaps the best option if you wear your glasses most of the time and don't want to think about switching them out when outdoor lighting conditions change.
TRANSITIONS Midtown is known for tall buildings that cause intermittent shade/sun. Photo: View of the Empire State Building from the Penthouse Terrace of Morgans Hotel on Madison Ave.
XX2i Optics France1 Dual Kit
Another option which can accommodate a Rx lenses is the new XX2i Optics France Dual Kit. It comes with 2 frames and 5 interchangeable lenses. This means you can create the look and level of sun protection you want in these sports-performance sunglasses. Wear them for: cycling, tennis, golf, walking, etc.  Very lightweight, they stay put comfortably and offer maximum sun, wind and debris protection due to the wrap around contours.
XX2i Optics France1 showing the Tortoise Frames

Prada Baroque Sunglasses
One of my favorite Midtown stores is Macy's over there on Herald Square. Now there are Sunglass Huts in nearly every Metropolitan store but I really like the styles and service provided at this location.
We really loved these Prada PR27OS sunglasses in Tortoise Brown.  The Baroque scroll adds a bit of flourish to the temples and the over-sized lenses offer the maximum amount of solar protection.

PRADA Sunglasses-Note the hint of graduated shading which will allow you to look down and read something.
PRADA:The unique flourish of the Baroque styling seen at the temples of these Prada sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers
James Dean may have been one of the first movie stars to rock a pair of Ray-Bans but he certainly hasn't been the last. These are an American icon in eye wear and no wardrobe is complete without a pair of these classics. My pair is from the 1980's and have the Bausch and Lomb glass optics which are amazingly clear. See my post at Lucky Magazine's Community under Spring Transitions: Classic Ray-Ban

RAY-BAN Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers with Bausch and Lomb optics.

Guess Frames
If you just want to have a bit of a change with your frames, (you can choose to order them with the Transitions prescription), Guess has a lot to offer.  Fashionable with attention to details are their GU1462 in Black with just a touch of zebra treatment at the temples. These really stand out but the design is subtle so you don't have to worry what will go with these! 

GUESS Here are the Guess frames being beautifully modeled by their owner, Francesca C. of Sunglass Hut.
TEMPO My own Tempo frames with compressed,scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses. Metallic & plastic combine in a pop of purple color.
So there's lots to choose from as eye wear is often overlooked as a fashion accessory. More than that, having the right lenses and frames can go a long way to protecting your eyes from the sun's rays while helping you to look and feel your best when going outdoors.  Check out more tips and ideas on sun protection at my Heat & Sun Awareness Project on Pinterest!

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