Thursday, August 2, 2012

Your Best First-Aid Travel Kit

Your Best Travel Medical Kit is the one you keep with you all the time!
Let's face it.  The best first-aid kit in the world is useless if it is sitting at home when you actually need it.  NOT cool.  Worse yet is when you do take one, the essentials may be there but something to help you get home, (or back to the hotel), is not there.

On My Bicycle
This doesn't have to happen especially when you enlist some professional help and then customize your kit from there.  Rather than giving you a list of items to go forage for, I'm going to recommend that you simply purchase an Ultralight / Watertight Adventure Medical Kit for most of your core first-aid needs.  They are reasonably priced and well stocked.  I keep either a Medical Kit .5 or a .7 on on my touring bike, depending on the distance of the trip.

Taking a bicycle tour?  Pack a Medical Kit!
Car Trouble
The same thing if I'm off to parts unknown in my car. Yes, I keep a separate EMS First Responders Bag in my trunk but you may at some point be separated from your car and have to walk, (gasp)!  I know in this age of cells and wifi this may seem impossible but it can still happen.  Then what?  On the outside chance that you may have to hoof it or at the very least, stay put in a remote area you might want to carry a medical kit in your handbag too.

My medical kit does not take up much more space than my cosmetic bag.
So how do you start to build the perfect first-aid kit FOR YOU without bringing the kitchen sink along?  Well, you should think beyond bandages and safety pins to include items to keep you comfortable and even energized in case you have to walk some distance.

Include any daily medications and supplements with your medical kit.
Summer - Fall 
You'll want to include seasonal supplies.  Summer through Fall:  Insect Repellent, Sunblock, Ssssting Stop, Topricin Pain Cream (for body AND feet)!  These are just a few things I've added to my Medical Kit .5 and .7

Extra Medical Supplies
In addition to taking along my supplements, (I don't take any medications), I like compact products that do double duty. I have included a little antiseptic / pain relief spray with my kit.  It takes up about as much room as a book of matches and can disinfect a wound while taking some of the pain away.

Energy Gels & Liquids
Ok, your car's run out of gas so you'd better make sure that YOU don't run out of fuel yourself!  You may have to walk to a nearby station to get gas or help.  You may even have to push your car. Once I pushed my car off the Interstate in HIGH HEELS. Another time some lovely men came along and helped but if nobody is around, guess what?  It's ALL YOU! Take along a 5 Hour Energy for the long haul or a GU Energy Gel in Peanut Butter or Chocolate for a quick jolt.

Going boating or sailing? Pack a marine-specific medical kit!
Bring the H2O
We don't think of including water in a first-aid kit but it is really important to keep a few bottles with you and a way to filter more if needed.  August is National Water Quality Month so this is a good time to learn more about pure water benefits.

Water Travel
If you are going to be on the water, kayaking, canoeing, a fishing vessel or sailing a larger watercraft, you can pack a marine specific kit like the one above. You can take along your anti-nausea medications just in case and add it to the medical kit but most marine kits already have that one covered.  Also whether on land or water, you should keep a water purifier with you as well.   
Purificup makes a very compact system for sterilizing natural water in the outback and one for tap water you would encounter in your hotel room or cruise ship. With these tips, you'll find you'll be better prepared for most emergencies that can arise while traveling.

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