Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BYO: Reusable Lunch Ware

COOL Reusable Lunch ware: Insulated SnapSac, Klean Kanteen & Light My Fire Meal Kit
If you are trying to stay away from processed foods, one of the most proactive things you can do is to BYO. The downside is that many healthy foods, (due to lack of preservatives), need to be kept cold to remain fresh but think of the possibilities.  With the proper lunch ware and thermal tote, the menu ideas are practically endless.

Also the locations where you can eat are likewise expanded. A picnic can be had by the pool, at the beach, in the park or in your car with the top down.  Eating al fresco becomes more like a mini vacation.  Who wouldn't want that?  That's why I was excited to find SnapSac folding tote bags. These are very well made, washable and best of all reusable.
SnapSac Cool Tote in Pop
The SnapSac Cool Tote is very lightweight yet holds up to 3 lbs of ice without leaking.  It has a separate waterproof liner that acts as a barrier from the thermal interior.  Other than a little condensation on the outside of the bag, the SnapSac did not leak and held all of the items you see in the photos. It zips closed and even has a little pouch on the outside for napkins or wet-wipes. VERY well thought out, it can work in a variety of settings.

The Snap Sac Cool Tote holds up to 3 lbs of loose ice without leaking
Klean Kanteen in Living Color
Once you've got the food chilling down, you can focus on other containers for your drinks, snacks and sandwiches. One of my favorites is this 20 oz Insulated Klean Kanteen in Monterey Blue  Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel, it has a wide mouth and optional cafe or loop top caps.  On its own, the Insulated Klean Kanteen will keep your favorite beverages chilled for up to 24 hours. Add it to the Cool Tote, you can expect to extend that time even in 80+ degree temperatures.

Everything here is reusable so there's nothing to throw away after your picnic!
Come On Baby Light My Fire
Reusable meal kits such as this one by Light My Fire are made in Sweden and are genius for eating outdoors.  This set has two plates, a lidded coffee/soup cup, a spork a small dry container and a colander/cutting board. More geared towards outdoor food preparation, you could use the two plates sealed together to pack your food and then place it in the cooler. Nothing too messy though. A sandwich or pita pocket would work well.  We did that with the meal you see here: carrots, raisins and a Bridgford Apple Turnover.

Very lightweight and compact, the Light My Fire Meal Kit is well thought out and complete.  We added the little red insulated snack container that came with a folding spoon that stores right in the lid. It holds a generous 15.5 ozs (460 mls). Bring along your favorite Chiobani Greek Yogurt, tabbouleh, chicken salad, chilled soups or anything else you'd like to keep cool. You'll save the environment and money with reusables like these. One less piece of aluminum foil, plastic wrap or Ziploc bag to end up in a landfill.

Eating al fresco with reusable lunch ware

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