Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shore Delights

Delicious fresh clams and oysters from H. M. Terry & Co. are shore to please!
One of the best things about summer at the Jersey Shore are the delicious seafood delights.  Oysters, clams, muscles plus all types of fresh fish.  When I plan an outdoor picnic, I always like to include shellfish on the menu.  Oysters and clams are easy to prepare either slightly steamed just until they open or served raw on a half shell with a little hot sauce.  It really doesn't get any better than this!
Opening a raw oyster with an oyster knife

If you would like to add shellfish to your next outdoor party, top them with wet paper towel under ice in a bucket with a strainer underneath until you're ready prepare them.  We also store them loose in the vegetable bin of our fridge with the humidity set on high.  The eastern variety shown here are Sewansecotts harvested from Hogg Island, VA.  They are very meaty with a clean seawater flavor. They are live creatures and will not survive immersed in fresh water.  I like to give both clams and oysters a good scrub and rinse before preparing.  You don't want a lot of sand and mud in the presentation. Once they are clean, start at the back hinge of the shell and pry until the raw oyster pops open.  If you are opening raw clams, slide the knife around the front to cut the muscle then twist to open.  You can then use the knife to separate the meat from the shell and serve it on a half shell over ice.

Oysters Rockefeller is easy to make with a spinach topping.
Oysters Rockefeller uses lightly steamed, then broiled oysters and steamed spinach as a delicious garnish.  This is an alternate way to serve oysters cooked versus raw on a half shell.

Set a tropical theme by adding a Sushi Platter and fresh pineapple as a centerpiece.
In addition to your shellfish, think about perhaps serving a seafood salad with shrimp, oysters, clams and crab meat.  Sushi platters are also a hit and easy to keep fresh.  Add a bottle of Kikoman Soy Sauce and chop sticks to the table for your guests.  Having everything on platters allows your guests to help themselves and adds to the color and festivity of the table.

Green Tea on Tap: Have a drink dispenser on the table so guests can serve themselves chilled refreshments

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