Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Keep Your "Brown Bag" Lunch Cool!

Keep your "Brown Bag" lunch COOL with these chillers!

Summer is all but here and many people are choosing to bike commute and "brown bag" their lunch.  The only problem is that either way, by bike or by car, your delicious lunch may end up spoiling in the heat.  Also, not everyone has access to refrigeration at the office, school or workplace. Then what do you do?  Well since we're expecting record high temps this summer, I say enlist help from some NEW high - tech coolers to go:

Keeping Cold Drinks Cold - Klean Kanteen

Cold drinks not only taste better but studies have shown that drinking ice cold water helps to burn more calories.  Cold drinks actually lower your core body temperature which is one of the steps in combating heat stress.

Insulated Klean Kanteens come in 12, 16 and 20 oz sizes with a choice of tops: Cafe Cap for sipping along the way or the leak-proof Stainless Loop Cap.  No matter which you choose, you'll be able to keep your iced drinks nice and chilly for up to 24 hours. Better still you can avoid artificial colors, flavors and added sugar by making your own iced tea, coffee or fruit smoothies at home. Take them with you...they will be refreshingly cold when you stop for lunch.

Keeping Lunch Fresh - Cool Gear Lunch 2 Go

Cool Gear Inc. Lunch 2 Go
You have so much more freedom of choice by bringing your lunch along.  Cool Gear makes it easy with their Lunch Series chillers.  Place the lid in the freezer the night before and the gel insert will freeze solid.  Fill the sectioned container with your favorite goodies, (don't forget a snack!), lock the lid down and go. There is even a compartment in the top of the lid to stow a spork and knife which are included.

I really like the Lunch 2 Go as it will keep your food chilled for hours.  The lettuce was STILL crispy on my sandwich after 3 hours of sitting in my hot car. No need for a fridge so you can keep your food with you where ever you go.  No more having to deal with pilfering, food stealing co-workers!  Since everything is self contained and reusable, there is no need for plastic wrap or aluminum foil.  These things have to be disposed of adding to the waste stream and ending up in a landfill somewhere. Definitely a must for those wishing to go green AND eat healthy.

Rachel Ray for Target - Insulated Lunch Tote

Super insulated lunch tote available at Target stores!
This Lunch Tote has become my all time favorite.  Just the right size, I can fit my Klean Kanteen and Lunch 2 Go inside with a little room to spare.  This will hold more than enough food for one person and has a little outer pocket to store napkins or wet wipes. Small enough to fit in my bike panniers but big enough to bring along a full lunch meal and 12 oz drink.

The Sixer Travel Cooler by Mountainsmith

The Sixer Travel Cooler by Mountainsmith Co
I'm really sold on Mountainsmith for their rugged, well thought out backpacking equipment.  So it was no surprise to see a lot of their backpacking details added to The Sixer Travel Cooler.  It comes with a detachable shoulder strap, dual easy pull zippers and even a bottle opener!  Built for traveling it has a clear sleeve on top for a map and a tie down cord on front to hold a towel, jacket or whatever.
Somewhat bigger than the Lunch Tote, it will hold a six pack of bottled beverages PLUS your Lunch 2 Go.  Great for picnics and outings when you don't want to bring along a heavy cooler.

The Wrap:

Using an insulated cooler will obviously increase the performance of your Klean Kanteen and Lunch 2 Go so for maximum chilling on hot days, use them together.  It is very important to keep food properly chilled in the summer months.  Bacteria and mold growth are not only unpleasant but can make you very sick.  Don't take chances with food poisoning and spoilage!  Keep it chilly with these cool, reusable solutions.

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